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Post: RE: if you like your steak well done in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
I barely eat steak but I rather have it well done.
Post: RE: SF's Project Thread in Arts and Crafts
Time to dust off the old topic. Its in the middle of 2019, unfortunately no new levels were made for October Ordeal, but resource assets have been made this year that are going into the hack. Let's s...
Post: RE: advertising for pride makes me want to throw u... in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
lets just say that corporations always ruin everything.
Post: RE: callout thread in Smeg
the only thing that stops the above is a certain blue blur.
Post: RE: SECRET SANTA!!!! GIFT EXCHANGE!!! 2018!!!!! in The Archives
(Dec 25, 2018 at 5:24 PM)Totally Santa (Real) Wrote: HAS QUITE THE GIFT IN THE WORKS FOR !!!!! IT SHOULD BE READY SOON!!!! Gift Wrap: Show [Image:]...
Post: RE: SECRET SANTA!!!!!!! 2018!!!!!!! SIGNUPS!!!!!!!... in Feedback Forum
Interests: Pixel Art (of tilesets and bgs, specially NES or SNES limiting ones) SMW Hacking (tied with above at times) Gothic Platformers Racing Games Shadow the Hedgehog the character
Post: RE: what are you listenan to? in Entertainment Enterprise
Post: RE: mega man 11 in Entertainment Enterprise
mega man was already better when it was nes styled btw
Post: mega man 11 in Entertainment Enterprise
[Video:] It is released...for a few days now.
Post: RE: Thoughts on McDonalds? in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
I always like their chicken sandwiches and hashbrowns
Post: RE: SF's Project Thread in Arts and Crafts
And yes, I am in need of pixel artists and ASMers for my current hack project as stated in the OP. Mainly pixel artists at the moment, as I have several level ideas that I want to make that have their...
Post: SF's Project Thread in Arts and Crafts
This is the thread where I log my fangame/ROM-Hack Projects I start. In brief overview of below: Currently Working On are the projects I am actively developing at this time. Other Projects are the ina...
Post: RE: Why is Super Mario World so addictive? in Recycling World
^theres also numerous hacks of smw out there to play if you want a different experience to the base game. or play smb3, which is SMW's precedessor
Post: RE: Five Games That Ya Could Play to Get Ya or Ya ... in Entertainment Enterprise
SMW ROM-Hacks SMB1 ROM-Hacks Super Metroid/Metroid Fusion Final Fantasy 1 Sonic The Hedgehog
Post: RE: we have officially left gods light in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
there is no light to begin with, only darkness
Post: RE: [NEWS] OSAMA BEEN GAMING in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
Man i now think Bin laden is a weeb after hearing this.
Post: RE: Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back (Seriously) in Entertainment Enterprise
Well this is certainly a thing...hope its actually good even though its Bubsy and I wont get my hopes up high.
Post: RE: what are you listenan to? in Entertainment Enterprise The dark ambience of this track is captivating.
Post: RE: "Journalism" in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
Journalism sure is fake news nowadays huh?
Post: RE: Please no. in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
Just another mainstream garbage that people buy into. Gonna pass this one.
Post: RE: The True Reason Trump was elected in Plagued Pyromaniac Planetarium
(Jan 23, 2017 at 3:43 AM)Beako Wrote: i like the implication that antifa is to be feared They are to be feared because they are the ones who get violent when politics dont go their way and refuse to...
Post: RE: My Romhack (2nd Demo Avail) in Arts and Crafts
Not a fan of Gamma V's graphical style in general unless if its your intention to still keep the graphics being similar to SMW (which in itself isnt internally consistent).