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Post: RE: The Snyder Cut thread in Entertainment Enterprise
can't believe he had to glue the black bars on the sides of the screen for every frame of the movie
Post: RE: thread ending my beef with PEA in Plagued Penny Platform
this is the best thread
Post: RE: [Night 4] Finale in Killing Game 7.Random
Post: [Speedrun] Part 5: Overcoming the Goliaths of Spee... in Dating & Wrestling World
Pea, wake up. Huh? You've been sleeping for a while, now. Any more than that, you'll die of starvation. *Grumble* Well, maybe thrist would come first. I don't wanna. Lots of things we don't wann...
Post: RE: Regarding recent events (not that one) in Meta Forum
i misread that as stir being the groomer i'm sorry
Post: RE: the REAL minus world problem in Meta Forum
the real problem is that we didnt get nursery rhyme translated yet
Post: RE: [Speedrun] Part 4: Learning more than the ins ... in Dating & Wrestling World
dkcspeedruns, the website i use to get all the tips and tricks to do this speedrun, seems to be fucked? don't know how long it'll last but i'll have to postpone the next update until the website's bac...
Post: [Speedrun] Part 4: Learning more than the ins and ... in Dating & Wrestling World
For this update, I will be covering the rest of world 1, as I'm falling behind when I shouldn't be, for once. When it comes to understanding a game, you need to play it a lot before you get to dissec...
Post: RE: Killing Game Hosting in Killing Game Grounds
get my name oudda tha list
Post: RE: [NSFW] Me Stepmum's Too Fuckin' Hot, Mate! in Gimmuseum Garrison
Someone Wrote:The more disturbing thing is that you know this doujin well enough to know its development backstory just how much hentai do you read it was widely spread around the net as a funny thin...
Post: [Speedrun] Part 3: Understanding that your first r... in Dating & Wrestling World
For this update, I'll be showcasing the next two levels of the run, as well as the different methods and coping mechanisms I needed to learn to get through it, as well. I figured that an hour long run...
Post: [Speedrun] Part 2.5: Equipment Obtained Promptly a... in Dating & Wrestling World
Hey, just wanted to update to say that I finally got a super famicom that can boot DKC2. I am finally ready to have everything set up and willing to get on with the project. Since I need a bit more t...
Post: RE: The First Thread of Many More To Come [2021] in Plagued Penny Platform
i hope that everyone's nyr is to post more naruto
Post: RE: Forum Fights and What We Can Do To Fix Them in Meta Forum
the difference between snarky and witty is that you can make a funny joke without having to resort to someone's personality
Post: RE: Short Manga Reviews in Plagued Penny Platform
if GTO's live adaptations pale in comparison to the manga/anime then i am missing out on something huge.
Post: RE: [NSFW] Cherry Pink in Gimmuseum Garrison
follow your dreams, get better grades, suck a dude's dick til you go blind.
Post: RE: [NSFW] Assorted Futanari Collection in Gimmuseum Garrison
(Dec 30, 2020 at 2:24 AM)Monokuma Wrote: So this is what you've been up to, eh wise guy? I'm still waiting on that couch, you know! Yeesh, shoulda just ordered on Amazon, I'm telling you. he will gi...
Post: RE: Fast Food Locations Near Me in Gimmuseum Garrison
drive to the nearest raising canes
Post: RE: [Speedrun] Part 2: Playing the game (finally).... in Dating & Wrestling World
to those who aren't in the know: this garrison is still going to happen. gimme a bit, as a lot more problems arose from... everywhere. wait warmly, or coldly, whichever kind of weather you enjoy the ...
Post: RE: rustling noise in Plagued Penny Platform
you get used to it