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Post: RE: A Cat is Fine, Too - Let's Play Fire Emblem: P... in Placid Pinwheel Penthouse
(Yesterday at 7:41 PM)Draku Wrote: (Yesterday at 1:21 PM)Bigfoot Wrote: this game looks so ugly i hope the weird stretching is because of emulation and that's not how it is on real hardwareit's a...
Post: RE: A Cat is Fine, Too - Let's Play Fire Emblem: P... in Placid Pinwheel Penthouse
failed to save me so here's another update [Image:] we join our heroes as they argue over who gets the spanking this week. ike is trying to be less of a coomer so...
Post: RE: video games you are playing this year in Entertainment Enterprise
(May 11, 2021 at 6:48 AM)Amoeba Wrote: God dammit , play more Fire Emblem! I need regular updates to your thread! can't you make do it he's already playing fire emblem
Post: RE: video games you are playing this year in Entertainment Enterprise
oh re7 gets a lot more interesting once it stops being explore house > chased by american > find key > murder american my opinion of the game has gone way up. though it would've been fun to ...
Post: RE: video games you are playing this year in Entertainment Enterprise
i'm play resident evil 7 it's like someone poorly modded a 90s console fps into resident evil not bad
Post: RE: How much toilet paper do you all use?!?!? in Recycling World
enough to make my ass clean. you should try it
Post: RE: Can I kill my Testicles using regular rubber b... in Recycling World
you can get a rubber band gun shipped to your door in 24 hours after that i'd say 5-10 minutes of set up and about 10 seconds to execute
Post: RE: Any guy here with a penile implant? in Recycling World
my penetration is augmented
Post: RE: Me & my husband ar deciding on which surname t... in Recycling World
(May 2, 2021 at 4:05 PM)ASMR Youtuber Wrote: liam mario liam liam
Post: RE: Idea: Aliens have no king and queen? in Recycling World
actually if you think about it, both god and aliens must exist if there was no god, aliens would be able to come to earth freely and invite us to the interplanetary alliance. god keeps other sentient ...
Post: RE: Girlfriend wants to have sex without condom bu... in Recycling World
adult stores offer penis-shaped contraceptives for this exact reason. select one with the appropriate girth and width, and leave it on from morning 'till intercourse. she'll be none the wiser and you'...
Post: RE: Why DMX not recording any records? in Recycling World
x already gave it to you.
Post: RE: Did Yahoo Answers die of natural causes or is ... in Recycling World
I'll need to conduct a full autopsy, but the likely complications are: - poisoning, built up over a decade of toxicity - neglect leading to generally poor health - multiple stab wounds
Post: RE: Delay Lama in Placid Pinwheel Penthouse
Post: RE: Are cats intelligent? in Recycling World
i'm going to break character for this one. no.
Post: RE: Is this dog handsome? ? in Recycling World
He's got a charming personality, maybe
Post: RE: How do explode if do is be underwater? in Recycling World
electron-positron annihilation
Post: RE: Water fueled Car Vs Electric Car? in Recycling World
you want to run out of water? what will we do with the fish
Post: RE: fat gamer thread in Entertainment Enterprise
(Apr 24, 2021 at 8:59 PM)belmondo Wrote: fart gamers post your w's
Post: RE: Is a pineapple a good gift in Japan? in Recycling World
pineapple giving day already passed in march. though if you recieved a pineapple and you were displeased with it, you can return it any time this month
Post: RE: Alaska travels? in Recycling World
hi! it should be pretty similar to arizona. maybe a bit chillier so pack some long-sleeved shirts.
Post: RE: Is English breakfast every morning healthy? in Recycling World
do you really want to be like the english
Post: RE: can you get arrested for pirating sonic advent... in Recycling World
my buddy got caught downloading sonic adventure 2 for the gamecube and selling meth. the FBI gave him a plea deal but his worthless lawyer made him turn it down. now he's serving 20 years. don't do i...
Post: RE: persona 3 may be repetitive but it is satisfyi... in Entertainment Enterprise
(Apr 23, 2021 at 4:40 PM)Zelma Wrote: delete this fucking thread RIGHT NOW ur shinjiro