Secret Santa GIFT EXCHANGE 2016!!


(Dec 25, 2016 at 10:27 PM)Gato Wrote:
(Dec 25, 2016 at 9:50 PM)Gabe Newell Wrote:
And the final gift for this year! @sealelement has gotten @"Yrr"...
Gift Wrap:

It appears that @"GrinchReloaded" did not deliver a gift for their Secret Santee this year. If anyone wishes to create a present for @Demonlemon, you're free to do so! I heard that he likes his OC being drawn.

[Image: 3ULLGbm.png]

I shart this out in like 5 min but i hope he likes it

that's some pretty good 5 minute shart my man
congratulations to everyone's gifts and Thanks T-Man it's literally perfect

[Image: dinogunz.png]
Thanks again Draku!
Best gift yet
@Gato @SonicProject: I love these so much
If life gives you lemons... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

[Image: nYwGTpS.png]
[Image: 3fIS5XJ.gif]

Humanoid reference
Drawings/sprites people have made me.
Fun With Despair
begone demonlemon

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