He's the scoobie-doo monster that united MFGG and Minus World;

for that I think he deserves a standing ovation! Post your best memories or moments with generalguy

here's mine;
When he tried to add me on Facebook again and then blocked me

Haha, what a wonderful memory
i liked when he edited old posts to be personal attacks and slurs
J. K. Rowling
GeneralGuy bought one of my books. Then, he attempted to engage in a sexual encounter with the text of Hermione.

[Image: D11tqZqX0AA0wVD.jpg]
King Piranha Plant
I wanted to take a screenshot of General Guy from Paper Mario talking and replace his text with something shitty our General Guy has said such as

(Jul 12, 2019 at 8:11 PM)GeneralGuy Wrote:
Kill yourself faggot.

But I was too lazy

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