thread title. i think that the director conspired with ancient ghosts and wizards to actually get an evil monster for his previous movie.

in the studio A, you can see a movie poster for a film called "the endgame," about a haunted manor in the woods. which i mean duh is the place that we're gonna be when the studio's merge. but also i think theres a genuine haunted evil monster that the director has possibly worked with before and may or may not be working with the director. with this in mind i think we should probably be nicer to the director and stop pissing everywhere.

also i think we might be human sacrifices for this evil monster. post kg theories here

also my second kg theory is that pea is gay
it's not a theory if it's a fact anon
true true pea has said hes gay before
i think we should watch out for the NPCs though because the director might try to sacrifice one to the devil monster he made a deal with. especially trip. god bless you trip i dont want anything to happen to you
Actually, someone should submit to watch "The Endgame" at some point. It might actually be relevant.
damn #5 thats an actual good idea
despair died for real....... someone attempted on him and used a creepypasta hex to own him through the computer line
hey guys its me, fun with despair. im just posting to confirm that i am, in fact, a ghost. however, i can still possess my computer, much like the hit PBS television series "ghost writer", but not to be confused with the hit marvel comic and hit nicholas cage film "ghost rider", so kg will be out faster.
ha ha who'd believe in the spooky goast head monster wanting to kill us all ha ha

we all know it's trip
Trip was literally seen in the same room as the monster like twice though.
holograms my dude
the wendigo is trip's stand
speaking of stands, this is light gamer’s:

[Image: 8kytklwpzix11.jpg]
gnome is a gnost
who wendigo
my theory is

mcd will win
my theory is that trip will survive


please he’s my last hope after xavier turned into an asshole I don’t know what I’d do without trip
im gonna kill anyone who harms trip

- anon.

[Image: w8GsIzQ.png]
I think Xavier is a stand-up guy and people should just let him win. What's he ever done to you? He threw you guys a party, gave you a Christmas Tree, funded Season 3 of Horsin' Around, what else could you ask for?
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