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Minus World
Strategy Guide

“The only post of no value is one not submitted” — Abraham Lincoln

Table of Contents

The Metagame

At the end of the day, this thing we call life is just a game. Minus World is like a game within a game, a digital life nestled discretely within your real life. We’re all playing, all the time, whether we realize it or not.

As players of Minus World, we must keep our wits about us. We must be familiar with how our game functions, so we can always have an edge. If your real life had an EX bar, it would make things much easier—on Minus World, that dream becomes a reality. You really can gauge your worth based on an arbitrary number, and it’s an exciting thing.

Good Sh*t

Good Sh*t is the bread and butter of the Minus World community. It refers, quite simply, to the quality content produced by our users. You’ll notice each post on Minus World has a button labeled "Good Sh*t" in the lower-left corner. When you find a post you really like, feel free to click the Good Sh*t button, thereby increasing that post's Good Sh*t count. You can also react to posts with various emojis, or reactions. You can’t Good Sh*t or react to your own posts, but you can see the total amount of Good Sh*ts and reactions received on a post by simply viewing the post. Receiving a Good Sh*t or reaction will increase your EX (detailed in the next section).

There are three Sh*t Levels posts can move through, and each increases the amount of EX earned per click. A Good Sh*t is worth 5 EX. As soon as a post receives 5 Good Sh*ts, the button is upgraded to a Great Sh*t button worth 10 EX per click. Likewise, if the post receives 5 more clicks (10+ total), it will be upgraded again to Perfect Sh*t, worth 20 EX per click. Once a post’s Sh*t Level is upgraded, it can never go back down, even if Good Sh*ts are taken away.

Experience Meter

Experience (EX) is a measurement of how much you’ve contributed to the forum. You will gain experience automatically by performing various forum activities, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Collected EX can currently be spent in two different ways:

  • Cast Spells on other users’ posts
  • Donate EX to other users

Leveling Up

When you gain enough EX, you will move up to a new level. There are 20 levels total, and the required EX for each increases exponentially, meaning each level will take more time than the last. In most areas of the forum where you see your name, you’ll notice a colorful EX bar detailing your level progress. Levels are currently little more than epeen, but who knows what the future holds…?

If you spend too much EX, you’ll move down to the previous level. Be sure to conserve EX if you want to keep your level high.


Designed to keep Old Money players from having an unfair advantage, your Rally is a multiplier for all incoming EX (rounded to the nearest integer). The default value is 1.00, and you can increase it temporarily by casting Spells. More expensive Spells will increase your Rally more significantly, and the maximum Rally you can have is 5.00.

Your Rally will decay by a slight amount on the first minute of every hour, eventually reducing back to the minimum, 1.00. The amount by which it decays is determined by your total EX as well as the number of registered users online at the time. If you are at a higher level and a lot of people are online, your Rally will decay quicker. If fewer than 2 people are online (including yourself), your Rally won't decay at all. Rally decay also does not affect banned users.

EX Legend

This is a dynamically-generated table detailing the amount of EX you can earn from certain actions. For relevant actions, your individual Rally multiplier is automatically applied.

New Post5 EX
New Thread20 EX
New Registration1500 EX
Per Reply5 EX
Per Referral300 EX
Get Good Sh*t10 EX
Give Reaction1 EX
Get Reaction5 EX
Place in the Top 5 of a competition 50 EX
Get Second Place in a competition 100 EX
Win a competition 250 EX
Receive a Spell 50% Spell Cost (no Rally applied)


At Minus World, influence is your reward for contributing—as such, your collected EX can be spent on special effects for other users’ posts. These effects are known as Spells, and they allow you to affect posts in a variety of ways, both positive and negative.

You may cast Spells using the Spellbook, signified by a purple star button located in the bottom-right corner of every post (excluding your own).

There are three types of Spells:

  • Sweet

    These Spells are beneficial to the recipient, either decorating their post in a positive way or providing them with some sort of advantage. Usually used to express gratitude or appreciation.

  • Salty

    These Spells serve to inconvenience or annoy the recipient in a controlled manner. They usually inhibit the affected post’s readability and/or accessibility, with more expensive options having a more pronounced effect.

  • Pepperoni

    These Spells are context-dependent and must be used creatively in order to craft your desired reaction. In other words, they can have either Sweet or Salty effects depending on the situation.

The availability of certain Spells will change throughout the Seasons of Minus World. You can find a list of all Spells, available or otherwise, on the Spell Reference page.

Spell Costs

The more powerful/long-lasting a Spell is, the more EXP it costs. Spells can also be stacked, meaning that up to 3 Spells can simultaneously affect the same post—however, each individual Spell can only be used once per post. When you cast a Spell, the recipient will gain 50% of the Spell’s cost in “knockback EXP”. This is to promote fairness, as the more EXP you spend messing with someone’s posts, the more EXP they’ll gain in turn.

If you are the first user to cast a Spell on a given post, you will pay the base cost of that Spell. In other cases, the number of currently-active Spells will be used as a cost multiplier (Cost = X*(Y+1), X being the base cost and Y being the number of active Spells). This does not apply to Spells with a Sweet () alignment, which will always use the base cost.

Spell Duration

Some Spells are temporary, and others are permanent. For temporary Spells, an expiration date will be visible after casting in both the Spellbook and the Spells page in your User CP.

Boss Battles

Occasionally, a special event will occur in which a Boss appears and terrorizes the forum. The Boss will relentlessly shitpost and cast unique Spells which will not expire until the Boss has been defeated.

To defeat a Boss, users must band together and attack it with a special type of Spell:

  • Attack Spells

    These Spells are only available to use on Bosses. Unlike Salty Spells, which are mildly annoying and all in good fun, Attack Spells are vicious, cruel, and incredibly effective.

To drive home the teamwork aspect, Attack Spells work slightly differently compared to normal Spells. For instance, there is no limit on stacking Attack Spells, and some of them can be used multiple times by multiple members on the same post. Currently, Attack Spells do not have expiration dates either.

When a Boss is defeated, their profile will redirect to a Boss Results page showing how much damage each user did. The top contributors will be awarded badges. Also upon defeat, all of a Boss’s active Spells will be removed.


There are all sorts of Items to find scattered across Minus World. You may stumble across a treasure chest through a random event, or you could find a Minus Ball while scrolling through a thread. You never know what you might find!

Consumable Items, usually referred to simply as Items, are the most common. They have various effects, and can be applied to a single post or your whole account depending on the Item. Let’s say you want to protect your precious post from being vandalized by Spells—simply use a can of Respellent via the Spellbook on your own post to temporarily keep them away. You can view all the Items you have via the Inventory page (also accessible via your welcome block).

Gear refers to cosmetic Items you can use to decorate your postbit. There are a whole slew of hats, accessories and memberbars to collect and customize your appearance with! Visit the Equip/Remove Gear page in your Inventory to see all your collected Gear. Simply drag a piece of Gear onto your postbit to place it; you can then rotate and scale to make it just right.

Knick-Knacks are the third type of Item. They appear useless at first...but they could come in handy when you least expect it.


That’s all you need to know about the Metagame for now—but be warned, this is a new Minus World. We will be adding and tweaking features continually until we’ve created the perfect game, so be sure to bookmark this guide for the future!