a single cherry blossom petal gently flutters in the wind and lands in a calm pond of water under the full moon

a tomboyish cat girl born with a unique power and carrying a katana forged by her former sensei (japanese for something idk i forgot) meditates peacefully under the tree the petal fell from as she observes her surroundings without opening her differently coloured eyes that change colours like my corsair k95 rgb platinum mechanical gaming keyboard

a twig snaps behind her and she flicks her kawaii catgirl ears back to locate the source of the disturbance, honing in on its aura with the curse of her bloodline: the ability to sense great evil................................................................................................
she sighs gently as she realises who it is, and unravels the red ribbon tied around her katana, beginning to tie her hair back in a ponytail because it helps her focus better

"so, you've finally come..."
a robot appears from a portal- where am i
[Image: lu2cQlj.png]
the neko girl blinks, her romantic feelings for the mysterious robot almost getting in the way of her resolve to end her bloodlines curse, and she readies her sword

"you... you're aura...."
"your not the sink shitter i was sent to eliminate..."
rouge the bat walks in with the fattest tits youve ever seen and a giant dick
"whos here for a yiffing?"
i knock on the door
its me goku
hey has anyone seen a sink around here i need to take a shit
"There is someone strong around me who I need to fight!" - said Goku with a serious look on his face.

[The ambient turns evil, Goku's frown changes into a smile.]

"I seriously need to take a dump though, like, right now! I won't be able to hold back!"
"take it right here monkey boy" rouge says, opening her mouth and pointing in it
the umami cat girl blinks her kotatsu (my japanese teacher wont teach me more words) and turns to face the sink shitter and goku with her kimono and sexy ponytail swirling in the wind

a single tear drips from her rainbow eyes as she also still feels love for the bionicle but its forbidden love as she cannot be with a bionicle from another clan especially not the ice tribe because her father would forbid it

goku! sink shitter!
for my hokage!!! to the death!!
hank hill barges in with a stern look on his face, confiscating the fuzzy handcuffs and nanoha-brand dildo.

"what the hell do you think all of you are doing?!" he asked. "even the devil would be too disgusted to take you whores in! now get out of my house or i'll kick your gigantically-drawn asses!"
* shits aggressively while maintaining eye contact *
"goddamn it's tough having such a big dick" i say in an attempt to make people think i have a big dick
walks into the room with my big tree log swinging between my legs and says "wazzup ladies"


[Image: wood.jpg]
neil degrasse tyson on minus world
neil degrasse tyson on minus world
#2 "geaaauh!" hank exclaimed. "defecating on my carpet is one thing, but aggressively defecating officially makes you god's little accident! peggy, get me the discipline hose!"
Hank, dear. I'm sorry, but the one needing the discipline hose...

i close the door. this is now closed rp
thank god
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