Lulu's Ludicrously Lacking Ramen Reviews - Episode 0: Maruchan Instant Ramen

Lulu Azhal
Wait, I won the vote???

Ahem, never mind, I need professionalism for this...

So, since I'm doing this now, I'd like to welcome everyone to the zeroth installment of... drum roll please...

Lulu’s Ludicrously Lacking… Ramen Reviews (I couldn’t figure out an alliteration at the end)

Every week, I’ll be visiting various ramen places around the city of Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding suburbs, getting a bowl of ramen (and prolly some appetizers, can't go without edamame) and giving an in-depth review and ratings, based on four criteria!


The general vibes of the restaurant, as well as the cleanliness, and furniture quality. Really, as long as it’s not super dirty and the chairs are comfortable, then I’ll prolly will rate this well.

Service Quality

This criteria is for the waitstaff, how well they do their job, and how fast the food takes to come out. How nice they are and how well they respond to emergencies. If the waitstaff doesn’t majorly fuck up, then there won’t be any problems here.

Food Quality

The most self-explanatory one, and the most subjective. If the ramen is tasty, then this goes high, if it's meh, then it goes low.


And last, but not least, how expensive the food is in comparison to the quality. If it’s under 10 dollars, I’ll prolly rate this high even if the quality isn’t the best, and if it’s like, 20 bucks, I’ll rate it low even if it’s the best food in the world. Anywhere in between and it’ll be based on quality.

And now that we got that out of the way, onto the review!

Today, we’ll be visiting the restaurant called *checks notes* Maruchan Chicken Flavored Instant Ramen? Weird name, but you can't judge a book by its cover, or title.

Starting out, the ambiance…

[Image: tqlsiq25nzas3hcfgvnj.png]

Well, it’s pretty cozy, and very familiar, but, the place was fucking filthy, trash bags all over, the floor of the dining area was horrendous, and, they really need to get better furniture, everything was breaking apart. 3/10

And honestly, the service is even worse! Sure, the food came out quickly, only 3 minutes, after all, but that waitress sure kept insulting me all the time, why couldn’t she shut up. 0/10, that speed couldn’t salvage everything else.

Well, all those things could still be salvaged by the food and price, I guess, we’ll see.

[Image: avknonbqnuh1k9ehndhr.jpg] [Image: bdhevqcoxrpnfuq1zowd.jpg]

Mmmmhm, not a good sign… The noodles look undercooked, the broth was awful, and there wasn't any toppings at all, it just looked really bad.

But, the real test of a ramen is how it tastes, it doesn't need to look prett- nope, that doesn’t save it at all, it tastes just as awful as it looked.

[Image: bq01pphkt9izncjlxodt.jpg]

Still finished it... but i definitely wouldn’t drink this broth. 2/10

At the very least, the price was ridiculously low, I guess it's hard to complain about this all when the price was 52 cents, even if it wasn't very good. 10/10

All in all, the restaurant location was bad, the place was really messy, and staff were the rudest people in the world, and the food was gods awful. The only thing that salvages this is how cheap it was.

I will give Maruchan Instant Ramen a score of…


Hopefully future reviews will go much better. See you guys next Sunday.
This Maruchan Chicken Flavored Instant Ramen place sounds like they value efficiency over everything else. I guess they're banking on if you have to eat SOMETHING. Must be trying to compete with Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

I think Minus World has a trash bag problem.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
idk why you would do this to yourself when much better instant ramen exists
100% pure gamer 100%

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