What is that second track originally from?
(Aug 26, 2016 at 11:04 AM)Elyk Wrote: What is that second track originally from?
[Image: xPhNzA9.jpg]
marioworld flying battery sounds really good fuckin wow
now do icecap
[Image: nIMDSBE.png]
[Image: eU2p5Sz.png]
Quite a bit of information in this screen
ooo neat0. are you going full mario 2 w the veg mechanic or what
[Image: nIMDSBE.png]
You pull it out and you throw it
Not much else you can do with em
there better b snifits
[Image: nIMDSBE.png]
So after a few months of not posting news!
-My drive died that I had this on
-I restarted twice since then
But hey I got an overworld to show you and a question:
[Image: G1sm3Cf.png]
I need someone who can sprite smw style well, I;m utter shite at spiriting but there's things I wanna do.

Oh and this(bonus points if you get the refernce):
[Image: 71rEWgs.png]
some more screens
[Image: 6TtaxjD.png][Image: 9ZVDKrb.png][Image: aDKHsLC.png][Image: 4F3dD0Q.png]
[Image: YdDkLn3.png]
Overworld's finished(more or less)
that just makes me pissed vanilla smw didnt have a snow world
(Nov 21, 2016 at 7:15 PM)Kazaam Wrote: that just makes me pissed vanilla smw didnt have a snow world

Vanilla SMW didn't even have proper snow levels
there was liek a special world lebel that was kinda snowy iirc
hence why I said proper
Also the cave level doesn't count, its not really snow its just ice
You want snow? Here's snow:
[Image: TQLpYXt.png]
thats pretty af dude
Thanks. The tiles and bg are done by Gamma V over on smwcentral, I just arranged them in a pleasing way.
[Image: OW8Hbvl.png]
[Image: ByIRQ9o.png]
Screenshot from another snow level, enemies coming soon
yosh let me play a litl demo of this on irc and its p fucken gr8 but ive got some shit to say

-i think even as a second level, a water lebel isnt a gr8 idea. maybe repurpose a later on-land level for earlier and repurpose the water level for later? idk
-on the first wip level i noticed yoshi turns kinda transparent once you get on him. idk if theres anything you can do abt that or if its intentional but its a thing
-kongstruction area's got a really neat aesthetic but those first couple of jumps i noticed are easier to do w/o yoshi than with him. its fine but idk i think yoshi should p much always be useful. idt you should change that part but mayb just make it a no-yoshi lebel. also idk how difficult youre wanting this hack to be but this seems mayb just a little tough for the 4th level. should atl be somewhat more linear imo
-both wip snow levels are fuckn gr8. no problems there cept that yellow koopa combined with the slidey floor on the second level is mayb a little clutch?? idk like i said im not sure how hard this is supposed to be
-alr mentioned this in irc but i fuckin love the custom texture work in the chocolate lebel. the design's so wip tho i cant rly say anything else abt it

overall good sh9t

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