Pokemon Fangame (Looking for help)

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What I got planned out so far
I'll use this thread to post town layouts, story blurps, and character bios but I need help(aka an artist, someone familiar with pokemon essentials, and maybe a music man since I'm complete shit at artistic things and pokemon essentials)
Thoughts so far? I'm new to this plot and character deign thing soo I'd like feedback.
not worth man just stick by me and we'll merge ideas in the far future once i'm arsed to pick up my fakemon project again
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(Dec 20, 2016 at 4:22 PM)SonicProject Wrote: So far so good, Iike what you got so far but needs to be expanded upon as I'm sure you're aware.
Yeah this is the literal beginning steps here, so not a ton is finalized/is just basics of my thoughts

Quote:Maybe change the name of the character or the spelling so it's not too immediately obvious that the first Gym Leader is you?
Well Yoshin in this case is the name, not myself, but yeah their name will probably be changed to some androgynous name(I need good ones though)
get a lawyer for when nintendo inevitably sends the cease and desists your way
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Don't worry I got my best men on it

Updated shits
random trainers that have no plot importance
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spot the references

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