-The Gimmick Garrison operates by any given member being voted in as the Gimmickeer, a temporary moderator that runs the place. While they cannot ban users, they decide the rules, name, and description of the forum and can do with it as they please for their term.
-Gimmickeer terms run for an amount of time specified when signing up, up to a month. After that point, they may be re-voted in if it is what The People want.
-If a Gimmickeer is inactive in the forum for at least 1 week (if they specify a length longer than that) after being elected, an immediate re-election will be held to replace them. There is no penalty for being inactive other than losing the position early.
-Gimmickeer election entry is based on you yourself posting in the given pre-election thread. If you want people to vote for you more, you should say what your idea is for the forum too!
-The Gimmickeer may request the creation of Boss(es) by site staff via a Conversation or the Slack.
-The Gimmickeer may also request that a badge be handed out for fulfilling a given event they set, so long as they make the badge themselves and it fits into the current aesthetic.
-The Gimmick Garrison is a relatively new concept that is always growing. If you would like to see an addition to the way it is run, feel free to suggest it in this thread. In addition, if you have any questions, ask them in this thread as well.
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