In hopes of speeding up MW development, I'm going to start offering EX bounties for fixing smaller bugs while the development team tackles things like feature additions.


Send me a PM with your coding credentials and email address. You don't have to be a coding wizard, but you will need at least a basic understanding of Git, along with HTML, CSS, PHP, and/or JavaScript, depending on the task. If you can demonstrate knowledge of one or more of these languages, I'll add you to the GitLab development team, allowing you access to the codebase.


1. Never commit or merge code to the master branch. This branch is synced with the server, meaning any commits to it go live immediately. Instead, make a new branch when starting a fix - once it's tested working, I'll merge it to master.

2. Never make code changes that are unrelated to the bug at hand. I will monitor each committed file for unauthorized changes.

3. Do not start working on a fix without first claiming it in this thread. Whoever is the first to claim a bug will be the only one who is eligible to claim the bounty, unless they give up.

4. If you spend longer than 14 days trying to fix a bug and you can't show any evidence of progress, the bug will be reopened for someone else to claim.

5. If you successfully fix a bug, but the awarded bounty pushes you past the 10,000 EX limit, you may claim the remainder at any later date.

Rules 1 and 2 are the most important by far. If you break one of those and it wasn't an honest mistake, you will no longer be eligible for this offer. These guidelines have to be more strict than our behavioral rules, since this is the codebase we're talking about.

See the below post for the list of completed, in-progress, and open bugs.



1. A load-blocking JavaScript error causes the site to be broken in iOS approximately 90% of the time. The site must load fully and be usable on iPhones and iPads. 3000 EX

2. Our GTmetrix scores leave a lot to be desired. Get us a B or higher in both Pagespeed and Yslow to receive this bounty. 3000 EX


1. Certain users are unable to leave Special Abilities on certain profiles. We've yet to find any sort of consistency in this behavior, but then again we haven't really looked that hard. 500 EX

2. Ajax pagination doesn't work on special abilities, but it would be super if it did. 500 EX

3. The buddy list pages don't work. This should be done with Ajax. 500 EX


1. Rarely, Autocorrect strips will appear on the next line when a corrected word is at the very right edge of a post. 200 EX

That's all for now but I'll be adding more as they are reported.
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These bounties aren't being tracked anymore (and I'm not sure if they're valid issues or not) so unstickying this one

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