Fun With Despair
I haven't seen this spell in a long ass time, and I almost guarantee it's because one instance of Outta Sight on even a moderate post will fucking bankrupt someone's EXP, making the hilarious censoring of someone's medium length post fairly unfeasible unless you're Draku tier in EXP.

Way back in the good old days, I had a shitload of EXP, but I could censor fucking essays worth of posts, for a pretty funny effect. Now I never even see the spell at all unless the post is like five words long, but even then. I legitimately don't think I've personally encountered it since Season 1, and I feel like that's an issue. The 1 EXP per character is great, but I feel like the base cost needs to either be lowered to 100 or just not exist.
i don't think the cost is unreasonable at all given its power. it needs a base cost so that it doesnt get spammed on short posts.
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Fun With Despair
alright fair enough you guys convinced me.

move this to resolved
you could use it so much back in season 0 because it was bugged and only ever cost 75 exp for the longest time

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