Well, look who we have here!

Welcome, students, to the 2nd Official Minus World KIll-

...I mean, Gym Class. Right. I swear, these bigwigs in the education department have absolutely no idea how to have fun in the classroom. Real shame, I gotta say. I had something really great planned too. Well, great for me anyway I think.

Well, I guess we'll come as close as we can, with a rousing game of DODGEBALL

This game is... Well, it's pretty simple, actually. Sorry to disappoint those of you expecting something great. It's a simple game of Elimination. Super easy to win at too! All you have to do is "get good", as you kids love to say.

DODGEBALL takes course over the length of the rest of your school year. I can't be bothered to teach any actual curriculum sports, who do you think I am?

Every day, starting now, you have the chance to throw one Dodgeball at any poor loser in the game you want. Just PM me a name, and you'll toss the ball. You're quite an athletic bunch though, so only ONE randomly-chosen member per day will hit their target, robbing them of the sweet 400 EX that the last surviving classmate will earn! All eliminations will be posted here, along with who did it, for clarity's sake.

Now, just because you've been eliminated doesn't mean you can't throw! You can still throw the ball if you're hit, and just because you don't get EX doesn't mean you can't rob others of it!

...And I've taken the oh-so-educational liberty of providing one of your classmates with a BRICK to throw instead of a ball. If you're hit with the BRICK, you're permanently out of the game and rushed to first aid. The head trauma keeps you from remembering your attacker as well, only remembering a vague detail about them.

The one who eliminates that awful brick-thrower will also get a good clean 100 EX and that total douchebag will get his brick confiscated by yours truly.

W-what's that? I'm the one who gave it to him? Don't be ridiculous, I would never do something so reprehensible!

Have fun, and let the uh... games begin?

Surviving Players:
Whoa! Looks like @Spritanium has been hit with a brick from behind!

By who? He has no idea, but the user is probably male based on their breathing!
@Fun With Despair has been smacked with a dodgeball by @Nabber

How unfortunate!
we're going strong
@"T-Man" has been BRICKED

Most likely by someone with a name longer than five characters!
@Fun With Despair has been hit with the Brick.

Unfortunate, but knowing that weirdo, he probably gets off to it.
Whuh-oh! Looks like that brick thrower is picking off everybody one by one!

Maybe the unlucky someone without a brick should buy one from me! Only 1000 EX! Anonymity guaranteed!
Aaaaand @Two_Finger, that nasty brick-thrower has been downed, netting @Nabber a smooth 500 ex total!

Now hit the showers, class! Who knows what despairing terror the next class will bring you all?

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