"Lego Batman Is Under Fire for Its “Pro-Gay Propaganda”"

Stop the planet, I want to get off.
I saw the LEGO Batman movie too. Robin was pretty unbearable, but as a society I thought we were passed the point of calling films that we dislike "gay." Fuck whoever is calling the LEGO Batman movie "gay." Carrot
But in all seriousness, yeah, claiming the movie is pro-gay propaganda is quite a stretch. I thought the movie was pretty great. I just... yeah I didn't like their portrayal of Robin. All the other characters were fine (but I imagine people are going to get tired of this silly incarnation of Batman pretty quick, if everyone isn't tired of him already.)

Even though I didn't like that version of Robin, I still think some funny lines occurred via interactions from him, like Bruce's "Well, kids can be cruel." line in response to Robin's "I'm Richard Grayson, but everybody at the orphanage calls me 'Dick'."

The delivery was great too; I had that joke spoiled to me before seeing the film but it still made me smile... closest I came to laughing during the movie. (Movie didn't really get any chuckles out of me but I appreciated all the fanservice and I thought the story was entertaining.)

I give it a 7/10.
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And @Pedigree, if you're concerned about giving them traffic through us, use https://archive.is. INB4 it's ChristianWire or something.
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The Mary Sue is an awful publication but that's fine, because don't get me wrong: the people making conspiracy theories about gays are by far more awful than The Mary Sue. So linking us to left wing propaganda alerting us about about anti-gay rhetoric is better than linking us to right wing propaganda encouraging anti-gay rhetoric.

And don't worry guys... someone's going to inevitably do something anti-gay (or any other type of bigoted) just in time for this story to fizzle out. Where's the WBC? They're overdue for a stunt. (Not that I'm complaining. I wish the WBC would go away.)

Though I question whether certain outlets care about the people they're advocating for more than they care about clicks, I'd like to clarify that I'm complaining about The Mary Sue itself, not the article.
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(Feb 24, 2017 at 7:24 AM)Fun With Despair Wrote: trump and shit opinion man are the best mason dupes

People complimenting my posts and j... cheapskating me out of Ex is why I keep saying Season 0 was better.
i think they're calling it gay propaganda for the batman/joker relationship bits and not robin because those parts are really gay

EDIT: oh wait they are talking about robin but only in the context that he was adopted by "two men" aka bruce wayne and himself (assuming we're not counting alfred immediately)
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if having a relationship with yourself is gay then i'm the gayest person on planet earth i fap five times a day

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finally another step towards making homosexuality not just acceptable but mandatory
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