(May 11, 2018 at 10:01 PM)Draku Wrote:
(Aug 23, 2017 at 6:49 AM)Draku Wrote: Gato (Discord, MW) - Repeated harassment of SP on the Discord. A ban for 3 days has been issued on both mediums. If this happens again, it will lead to an immediate other ban as this has apparently gone unacted upon for quite some time.
Gato (Discord, MW) - As noted here, falling right back into harassing SP is a continuous issue and even fell back into the Discord too. That's 4 weeks, I guess.
As an update, this has now become a 6 week ban, adding 2 weeks onto the existing ban because Gato can not stop sending threats out to people off-site. If opinion rules that this is not enough, the ban may be extended even further, because holy crap.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Upon nigh universal member input, this has been extended by a full year due to severity and lack of remorse post-ban by the member in question leading to all this in the first place.
RollerC, dolphin, nabbit (Discord only) - Repeated heavy violation of the Discord-based rule about the #venting channel. As this channel is meant to be somewhat private and limited to the scope of MW members, there is a rule in place stating to keep things that are posted there within the channel and not to bring them outside, that includes other communities and leaking information to other users without access. This rule was repeatedly broken with full knowledge by RollerC and dolphin (alongside use of a false Discord account under the name of nabbit) and thus they have been permanently banned from the Discord, though they are not banned from the main forums for these actions. It's a bit of a special case but enough evidence has come to light to make this decision feel like the only way this will wind up resolved in any lasting manner.
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Vertette - Etiquette rule, bragging about getting away with past harassment, 1 month.
Minus World Gengar (Discord only) - Etiquette rule, insulting and harassing SP in the Discord. 1 week.
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GeneralGuy- Etiquette rule, discrimination rule. Tried to be sneaky about editing an old post to tell another member to kill themselves, with a slur included. 1 week.
GeneralGuy - Etiquette rule, directly insulting members. 3 weeks.
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Fun With Despair
Shygul - Just a warning for now, but I'm logging it here anyway for posterity's sake. Warned for MANUALLY pinging almost every single person on the discord when posting a random spam-tier meme in order to bypass the block on @everyone in order to be annoying.

Doing similar again will result in a ban, and that goes for anyone else reading this, even YOU (as in you the reader, not the twofinger dupe).

(well, also the twofinger dupe.)
Fun With Despair
Stir (Discord): One week for being extremely aggressive in #news and causing a fight.

He actually agreed on this ban himself!
Aidan (Discord) - Aidan has been shoved into the Salt Mines for the next two weeks (Effective October 5th, expires Oct 19th)

because it wasn't posted
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Fun With Despair
Zelma - warned for doing the same thing as Shygul and mass pinging random members for no reason. He's accepted the warn so that's good enough for me, but if he does it again, he will be banned just like her.
(Nov 17, 2020 at 3:46 AM)Fun With Despair Wrote: Zelma - warned for doing the same thing as Shygul and mass pinging random members for no reason. He's accepted the warn so that's good enough for me, but if he does it again, he will be banned just like her.
And it happened, so that's a week off Discord. Banished to #draku-complains-about-ufotable
Stir (Discord) - Many inflammatory remarks made towards Aidan and SP, alongside denying making accusations against Aidan right after he made them and causing even more trouble. Would probably not be a ban on its own but he should know better than this by now. 1 week.
Aidan (Discord) - Agreed to disagree with Stir beforehand in front of staff. Threw out a random unprovoked jab at Drei (in jest, but still) despite everything not too long afterwards. As per agreement, 1 month. Other staff are not around to discuss right now, likely to stay that way but might lessen slightly for not being too directly inflammatory. However, it IS still the one strike.
Stir (Discord) - Tentative staff agreement that by having Aidan unblocked in the first place to instantly report that occurrence, Stir violated the terms laid out previously as well. 2 weeks as he did not actually instigate anything, but he knows what he accepted.
Stirling - In an incredible move, Drei has managed to break the newest rule regarding not publicly announcing serious offenses by removing all doubt as to who he had previously reported, in the thread about said new rule. It's a new offense type, but he was already doing time for a different, more limited ban, which was 2 weeks long. Thus, 1 month for severity.
Aidan (Discord) - While relatively minor, made a statement directed at Drei that technically broke the agreement they had to disagree and the Etiquette rule. 1 week because of light severity.

EDIT: Ban undone, went back over the terms of the agreement with Aidan and it did read more like it was a one-time deal for that particular heated instance and the month ban on both ends already happened as a result. Since things haven't been as heated between Drei and Aidan lately, this will be left off as a "don't start things up again or there'll be another discussion/agreement similar to last time".
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