did they call saul
Fun With Despair
they'd better
I hope for the final episode we get to Call Saul to dial in our chosen ending
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anyone seen the prequel cartoon yet? is it any good?
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It really says something that this looks unedited lol

The marketing materials for BCS (aside from the promo shots which are always really nice) are usually really goofy and not indicative of the show's quality. I'm gonna pretend the cartoon doesn't exist
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the edit made me think the entire poster was a gag and I lived in a world of peace for but a moment but spritey had me do a google. what the fuck
Idk who signed what goddamn paper that allowed this to be made, but it was. Wasn't really mad about it until they decided to do a tie-in in the real show where Jimmy passes out and a cartoon thought bubble appears above his head

EDIT: That was a joke, I was gonna leave it at that but I'm scared someone will think this remarkable show is actually that dumb. I also don't want somebody to do further googling and find the REAL, HORRIFYING spoilers
Welp the show ended, and it was pretty somber yet strangely hopeful. What I'm most impressed by is how they managed to recontextualize some parts of Breaking Bad and basically make Saul Goodman the main character of both shows. I think fans of BCS who haven't watched BB might feel thrown for a loop by the last few episodes, but they did a good job at going over the major story beats in a way that doesn't feel forced. This is probably the best prequel I've ever seen, and definitely the only one that has superseded its predecessor in quality
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It really is remarkably good
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Would you believe that this literally happened in the finale
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Bros Kim is so dumb I hope they do a show about her

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