"So say that we did code a new forum"

Staff forum thread, circa August 2011

Kyori Wrote:What are some of the things you guys would like it to have, feature-wise?

I have a list already of some things that I think we need (this includes basic functionality):
  • Starting a thread
  • Replying to a thread
  • Sending a private message
  • Hiding a thread (for just yourself)
  • Ignoring a user (staff can't do this, users can't do this for staff)
  • UCP (most, if not all of the options from the phpBB UCP)
  • Posts/threads per page should be moved to Board Preferences in the UCP
  • Starting a poll
  • Achievements and badges listed on profile
  • Quoting
  • Reporting posts/threads/users
  • Custom world filters
  • Syntax tags
  • Namechanging
  • Optional automatic image resizing
  • Quick reply (full editor button shows preview)
  • Badges
  • Vintage badges
  • Social media buttons on the postrow
  • Hide post
  • Hide thread
  • Ban user
  • Send a note to a user (namechange for warnings)
  • If a post posted by one user shares an IP address with another user, the post is flagged in the MCP and highlighted in thread-view
  • Option to hide all posts and/or threads on perma-ban (for spam bots or members who have just joined to spam/flame)
  • Automated banlog
  • Note sent to members automatically when their posts are hidden
  • Hidden posts have a "hidden by:" field
  • All staff members can hand out badges
  • A post revision system like MediaWiki has for articles, where if you edit a post a copy of the old one is kept for moderators to see
  • Polls show usernames next to votes
  • Poll results as pie chart
  • List users that have been awarded a specific achievement or badge
  • Hidden posts show by javascript, not by page reload
  • Wiki-style profile page section
  • Stackoverflow-style help forum

Registration isn't on there because it'll be handled by the mainsite once we have a new forum. Since we're big on integrating the forum and site, I want the forum URLs to be at http://www.theminusworld.net/* and be of the format / for the index, /threads/{forum id} for a topic list and /posts/{post id} for a thread. So it'd be http://www.theminusworld.net/threads/4 for the staff forum, and http://www.theminusworld.net/posts/2697 for a thread. It kind of fits with the CakePHP way model-view-controller way of doing things.

I've missed loads of stuff off that list, no doubt. Suggest things.
Alex Wrote:I'd like to have a poll feature, but unlike (or perhaps in addition to) the one we have now, all votes are public. Could be useful for voting in drawing competitions, as you wouldn't have to manually count the votes.

<broken image>

Something like this, perhaps? I don't know if it'd be hard to do, but it'd be neat to have an option to show it as a pie chart, too.
Kyori Wrote:Oh that would be a cool feature, also the pie chart thing should be fairly easy to do.
Elyk Wrote:Everything from the User CP Options box on the left. Move posts/topics per page to board preferences rather than profile.

Also maybe some sort of achievements page thing rather than sticking too much on the profile page. We talked about the addition of minus points and achievements before, but this would apply to badges as well and make them seem more important in my opinion.

[Image: CNkOD.png]

Levels don't mean anything. Each level has a larger gap between the two. Minus points can be rewarded for stuff ranging from winning a competition to even just posting. Numbers in the image are arbitrary.

Achievements/Badges would be listed in reverse chronological order. They would include a date along with the description with old badges just given the date that the system was implemented. There could also be a badge search function, where you could search for the winners of sprite comps, or participants of every secret santa, or people that took place in events before/after a certain date. Mousing over the image wouldn't tell you the name of the award but how many minus points it was worth. Alternatively we could do the reverse where name is mouseover, minus points are listed, or even just list both (Competition Win! 50-p)
Kyori Wrote:That sounds good. I dunno if we need absolutely everything from the UCP, though.

I like the badge/achievements search feature, that'd be pretty helpful.

Oh also, just fyi, the profile page is going to be the same for the mainsite and the forums, so it's probably going to need some looking at after the mainsite is up.
Elyk Wrote:Yeah we could probably scrap Friends & Foes actually if we're planning on having a user ignore option anyways.

Also that's even more of a reason to redesign the profile pages.
McKnackus I Wrote:Just a simple addition to the list for users. Quoting posts.
Kyori Wrote:whoops, silly me

completely forgot about quoting

also reporting
Kyori Wrote:I actually like all of those ideas. I'll add them to the list and then if anybody disagrees and we decide not to do it I'll just take it down.
Kyori Wrote:
  • ignore double posts (where the post is exactly the same as the one before it and almost no time has passed between them)
  • allow people to merge their post with the one before it (obviously if it's theirs)
  • allow people to hide their own posts
Elyk Wrote:
McKnackus I < - This points back to his original post in the thread Wrote:Just a simple addition to the list for users. Quoting posts.
quotes like this where you can click the user's name to return to their original post

also a quick quote button that quotes into the quick reply box
McKnackus I Wrote:I wouldn't mind a multi-quote toggle for each post before replying. I know you can click the quote button on the posts after you start your reply, but it's easier to just click the toggle on a few posts, hit reply, and everything's already in chronological order.
Kyori Wrote:test post
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
I like the pie chart idea, and for "All staff members can hand out badges" idk if devs should be able to but then theres shit like big help. Which reminds me weren't we gonna have badges for people who helped work on MW2?
we need a Fursona field like someone was asking for
test post
I still like -p better than EX.

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