briraka fucks with midis and music happens

first things first, heres my old stuff from around 2013-2016.

Old Genesis Remixes:
You Can Do Anything - Sonic CD JPN/EU
Sonic Boom - Sonic CD US
Lost Labyrinth Act 2 - Sonic 4 Ep. 1
Poloy Forest - Tails' Adventures

Castlevania - Night of the Vampire Hunter (scrapped fangame):
Psycho Warrior
Vampire Killer
Praying Hands
Legendary Bloody Tears
Nightmare/Demon Seed
Hypnotic Gaze (Solieyu's Chamber)
Dracula 3-1

Other Stuff:
A Toccata Into Blood-Soaked Darkness (Fakebit)
Walking on the Edge - SCV4 Soundfont
New Messiah (SC-55)
and here's something new from another fangame idea i've had recently.
Stalker - The Terror of Castlevania

oh shit look out, it's neon tiger's stage theme on genesis soundfonts.
I really enjoyed your vampire killer and ended up listening to it a few times on loop while working. I really like Stalker too, It shows how much you've improved over time!
[Image: NZRK1uk.gif]

another mmx3 track, but with an upgrade in bits instead.

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