Spent a four day weekend in Reno, Nevada for Biggest Little Fur Con. Took us an 8 hour drive to get there and a slightly longer drive to get back thanks to slow moving vehicles. Here are some pictures and fuck you.

[Image: HV9MnEx.jpg]
Eating buildings because the theme for the con is Kaiju-related each year with a continuously developing storyline. Kinda cool.

[Image: Y5tsOj9.jpg]
Posing with buildings.

[Image: r2CEVpC.jpg] [Image: MB9cKOq.jpg]
Went to the "Inflatables" panel to support my boyfriend and his friends, who collect inflatables. Me posing with the fox inflatable is my boyfriend's idea.

[Image: jbwRjbN.jpg]
Cool werewolf fursuit I liked.

[Image: 4mcmvpw.jpg]
A Moon Moon Pie my boyfriend got me from the Dealer's Den.

Other than those shenanigans I ended up meeting a lot of friends from Vegas there as well as joining some "alternative" parties. Ever been in a vacbed before? No, well I have now. Shut the fuck up and don't kink shame you fuckers.

All in all a fun time, 10/10 would go again.
ok but why the fuck did you post in 25235235 threads that should be illegal
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Because MW needed a revival

and as puddin would say "every thread deserves a reply"
Every thread deserves a reply :^)
Thanks, Obama. :>
thanks for killing me why I'm away btw, stay classy (allegedly) superchao

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