let's settle this once and for all

the bloodfeud between me and @Draku has gone on long enough
this no good jabroni is going to get a taste of the ol' blastermaster supreme right here, live, in the minus world ring of destiny

i will not allow anymore lowbro phony posting in my forum.

@Draku i will beat you down into a puddle of LCL, and reform you as a new man.
you will know respect if i have to pound it into you with my bare hands.

own up to my challenge or forever be known as the biggest yellow-bellied coward on mw
why isn't this #mwntc

you failed to deliver bro
If you asked me to go for pistols at dawn I probably didn't get the invitation because it's sitting in your own inbox.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
wtf is an aidan
ohi blastermaster Uguu!

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