MFGG's Sprite Competition # 2: Bowser's Minions

Signal boosting a sprite competition at MFGG, one of the few sprite competitions they've done this year. This one is centered around spriting an enemy that Mario and company have faced, as long as they aren't bosses. I want to sprite some of the enemies shown this E3 from Super Mario Odyssey, but that's going to require watching a lot of Nintendo Treehouse footage. Still, I think it's worth doing!

Cruise Elroy Wrote:Welcome, one and all, to the long-awaited second sprite competition of this year! To dive into things right away, your goal is to sprite any of Bowser's minions that Mario and co. have fought against over the years. This can be anything from the humble Goomba to the wicked Bullet Bill, or even the well-trained Hammer Bro to the simple Podoboo. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind:
  • No bosses. Minions come in all shapes and sizes, but the ones we're talking about are those that appear quite a few times. You won't be able to sprite Bowser, Boom Boom, the Koopalings, or any other enemies of the sort.
  • Although the theme is Bowser's Minions (if mainly to tie in to the new Mario & Luigi game coming out), you are free to sprite any other enemy the Mario Bros. have fought against, such as Cobrats or Squiglets! Again, no bosses, please.
  • All sprites must have been created AFTER this competition has started. Do not resubmit a sprite sheet you made a year ago for this contest.
  • Please limit your entry to 1 type of minion. You can sprite said minion with as many frames of animation as you wish.

And that's it! You'll have until July 10th, 11:59 PM EST to get your sprites done; a whole 2 weeks! Best of luck to you all!

If you'd like to participate, please submit your final entries at by July 10th, 11:59 PM EST.

Feel free to post your entries here for feedback and goodshits.
[Image: YEsQkCp.png]

[Image: ZQwCrQQ.png]

I made a carrot
[Image: NZRK1uk.gif]
[Image: Y664Vx1.jpg]
[Image: cOYEtlQ.png]
idk if variants count as the same minion but i wanted to fill out a whole sprite sheet
I don't think anyone said you couldn't do multiple minions anyway so I'm sure its fine.
[Image: NZRK1uk.gif]
Done. I has add shading, here's my final entry:
[Image: UWklAi0.jpg]

[Image: EFPF05z.jpg]
mario is sick of these motherfrackin' snakes in his motherfrackin' games

[Image: Mq0ACyy.gif]
I have an extremely fat cat. Let's be friends y'all

[Image: p4d0hk7.gif]
[Image: nTte7MT.gif]
[Image: supercorrect.png]
King Piranha Plant
That is the batshit happiest Bob-omb I've ever seen

Here is the correct song to go with him

He's marching toward his death just like the rest of us SoVeryHappy
[Image: supercorrect.png]
Remember that the sprite competition closes on July 10th at 11:59 PM EST!
[Image: p2V1pgr.png] [Image: izbuve.gif] [Image: QGjurNj.png]

[Image: bVUTDyy.png]
I like the Goomba, Pedigree. Happy Also I didn't realize the sprite competition was on MFGG. Oh God No I'll just post my entry here when it's finished; I don't wanna enter in the Officialâ„¢ competition and embarrass myself.

@Pedigree or someone my entry is almost finished; can someone pls post so I don't have to double post? Uguu!
I think you should submit it anyways, it's for fun after all!

Thank you for the kind words.
Ends TONIGHT at 11:59PM EST! If you're waiting for the last minute to enter, this is it!
Closed! Awaiting next stage, which is top 5 voting.

Several of our members participated, so please be sure to vote!
Shadow the Hedgehog
The Top Five has been selected!

1. Yrr 12
[Image: cOYEtlQ.png]

2. Spritey 11
[Image: nTte7MT.gif] [Image: KWem5L9.png]

2. bigpotato 11
[Image: FUZY.png]

3. Benstar 10
[Image: ROhVQKl.gif]

3. Lovintendo 10
[Image: BUiAQSc.gif]

Two of our own members made it into the finals! Now it is time to the final voting! You may do so here:
I've been... defeated...
[Image: NZRK1uk.gif]
@Spritanium won the sprite competition!

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