MFGG's Music Competition 2017 #1: Koopa's Road

Old Yuanxian is hosting Music Competition 2017 1: Koopa's Road on the MFGG Forums! They had this to say:

"Music competitions need some more love, and since winner of last competition has gone inactive quite a while ago, I am officially taking up the baton. And before any more delays happen, I'm going to make this short and straight to the point.

Title is self-explanatory, musical explanation below

Your goal is to make a track that fits as a replacement for Koopa's Road theme in Super Mario 64. It has to be an original composition, but your challenge is to make it as loyal to the vibe present in the game as possible!

Deadline is set to July 16th, at 11:59 PM CLT (I will most likely be awake at that point, while keeping an eye to this). You have just about a week to get your tune finished, so be sure to give it some dedication. Good luck to anyone accepting the challenge, and have fun in the attempt~"

If you have any questions or would like to enter, please check out the forum thread here:

@King Piranha Plant starts us off with Good Sh*t. Featured his entry by turning off bgm in Super Mario 64 and editing an excerpt of the song into gameplay. You can listen to a portion of the music in this video or you can listen to the full song here on Soundcloud:

Hope this inspires some of you musicians to contribute!

After extending the competition, we have another entry. I wonder if anyone here has the chops to top these entries!

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