MFGG's Minigame Competition #2: Super Mario Odyssey

Minigame Competition 2017 #2: Super Mario Odyssey has just launched on the MFGG forums! Here are the deets:

In honor of the latest Mario game, the theme for this competition is Super Mario Odyssey! Your entry should incorporate some element inspired by Super Mario Odyssey - an environment, a gameplay mechanic, a character, whatever your heart desires. Your game will probably be Mario-related, but crossovers are perfectly OK as long as you include something Odyssey-related in the game.

The deadline is Friday, August 4, 2017. This gives you two full weeks to make your entry. I'll be willing to grant an extension of a maximum of two days if you beg ask really, really nicely.

Create your own Odyssey and submit it to the forum thread here:

Show us that you're our 1-up boy or girl! Wahoo!

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