There are three big plugins/features that I think we should have working before soft-launching:

  • Need to support Good Sh*t as well as smiley reactions
  • Needs to be AJAX compatible, so when a reaction is clicked the database will update without a refresh
  • Need to record the total amounts of each reaction given/received by each user
  • Need to determine most given/most received/least given/least received reaction, for profile details
  • Add/subtract points for performing various actions around the site (e.g. make a post, get quoted, win a competition, etc)
  • When you reach your max EXP, you level up and your EXP resets
  • Spending all of your available EXP on Spells will cause you to go back down a level, but your EXP doesn't reset
  • Since EXP is a measure of both experience and "ammo" so to speak, should we call it something else?
  • We need a few basic Spells to start with, because otherwise we just have people leveling up without ever spending anything
  • Create a pool of positive/negative/neutral Spells that can be applied to any post (maybe provide an option for Moderators to prevent Spells on a given post?)
  • Each Spell costs a set amount of EXP
  • For the PHP, all we really need to do is add HTML classes to "Spellbound" posts, then do whatever we need with javascript (which I will handle)

Is anybody interested in taking these on? I think that in order to take advantage of Summer activity, we should have a soft launch (allow people to join and post, but without a big campaign) by the beginning of June. After a month or so of collecting data and tweaking the game, we can then create a video showcasing all the cool shit we've put together. We're going to reinvent the forum, folks. We've never been closer than we are right now.
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