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Quote:For the first time in Super Mario history, Nintendo is releasing a main series Mario game with a lyrical theme song titled Jump Up, Superstar! Originally sung by Pauline, Mayor of New Donk City, in Super Mario Odyssey it's got a jazzy and epic feel and we have set out to find whom can do the song the most justice.

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The prize? Perhaps a badge and bragging rights? Not bad, right?

When it comes to talent, we aren't just looking for anybody... we're looking for you! This... is MFGG Idol.

Here's how this is going to work!
  • Our contestants are going to have to come prepared. You'll want to make sure that you have some recording software like Audacity and that you have a microphone.
  • Our contestants are going to select an instrumental backing track for the song. The choice is completely up to them.
  • Our contestants will need to study up on the lyrics to do well! For the guys out there, you will find some recommended lyric changes below should you need them!
  • When they are ready, they will have to pour their heart out on their recording software and then upload the mp3 file to mixtape.moe.
  • Our contestants will then provide a link to their entry in a reply to this thread.
  • On Monday, August 21st at 8:59PM PST (10:59PM CST, 11:59PM EST), no further entries will be accepted and the voting process will begin. Stay tuned for details on that in the future, folks!

Additional tips for our contestants.
  • Ensure your audio isn't too loud and is properly balanced so that we can hear you. Audacity can help you with this!
  • Remember that this is ultimately for fun, all skill levels are welcome!

Lyric change recommendations for guys:

And there you have it! Do YOU have what it takes to be our MFGG Idol?
I encourage all the guys joining this contest to keep the "1-Up Girl" lyric to mess with MFGG's apparent gender/sexuality uptightness.
get the fuck outta here with your plan of corruption sp. i will not allow you to merge mfgg and mw together again

~gothgirlgang xoxox
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