Went to GameStop Expo in Las Vegas...

Got to play:

-Super Mario Odyssey: Metro and Sand Kingdom, 10 Minutes Each.
-Sonic Forces
-Metroid: Samus Returns
-Dragonball FighterZ

There was a lot more there, we just got distracted with shopping and tired ourselves out.

Everything was the demos from e3, so nothing new really, but it was cool to finally go hands on there. Would have loved to try Sony's stuff, but they required you to download an App to make appointments and I couldn't be bothered. Only thing that caught my eyes from XBOX was Cuphead, which was great.

Super Mario Odyssey is amazing fun, can't wait until I can go more in depth at the end of October with it.

Sonic Forces was fun though Modern Sonic feels more slippery than what I remember from Generations Modern Sonic. Avatar is okay, plays like Sonic Boom Sonic (without the problems) and Sonic Colors Sonic combined. Not enough gameplay with Classic Sonic but feels just like Generations Classic Sonic.

Metroid: Samus Returns feels so clunky compared to any other Metroid I've played. It doesn't feel right. Not that it matters since I don't have a 3DS to play it on.

Dragonball FighterZ is awesome but I'm not going to get it unless it comes to Switch.

Cuphead is wonderful, though very difficult.

Was a fun time, again would have liked to play more of the games there but got tired pretty quick. Here's some photos (I don't like getting my picture taken though).

[Image: w1edfYr.jpg]

[Image: ZqG7wku.jpg]

[Image: OlRpjKk.jpg]

Some swag I got:
-Officially licensed Bowser plush
-Splatoon squid pillow
-Sonic Forces poster
-Sonic Mania poster
-Super Mario Odyssey Cappy pins
-Other assorted junk

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