MFGG Sprite Comp: Classic Games New Characters

Pedigree to participate!

DonnieTheGuy Wrote:Congratulations and thanks to Neweegee for allowing me to start this contest and thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Who here remember of an old game and thinks: "Would it be nice if I could play with this character"? because this is the goal of this competition: to draw characters in the style of classic games.

1.I said classics
The recommended and make sprites in the style of 16-bit, 8-bit or arcade games. no modern games.
2.Make it look alike, but not the same
[Image: hN50pMh.png]
Try to make the sprites from scratch. Do not worry if they look like existing sprites, but it's not worth editing.
3.Mix the universes!
[Image: bBZwbqH.png]
Anything goes: cartoon, movie, anime, can do any character.
Sorry if I broke rule #2.
4.Enemies also enter
I do not need to explain this rule.

You have until September 25th to submit your entries.

Have fun!

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