Hallowed Summoner Regional Championships

Conjure your best spooky duplicate account using the duplicate account feature and post with it in this thread. On October 30th, we will vote by private message for our favorite spooky dupes and crown one winner with a Rotten Jack badge as tribute to the defeated monster. Beware, however, could this badge hold a shred of the malevolent creature's essence and turn your dupe into a foe? Who knows?

-Must be a new dupe.
-Must be spooky in some way, interpret that how you wish.
-Dressing up using cosmetic items is encouraged.

>@"Monokuma Except Spooky"

>perfect lurker

>default ?/silhouette avatar

already a chilling entry fam Ghost
yo you guys doin this shiz
John Freeman
ill get you back, evil boss

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