Hey all, I've been digging through some old hard drives and I'll be posting whatever I find in the way of art.
First off we have this gem from college
[Image: PXqsHXD.jpg]
Hard to believe that there was a time when I was THIS full of myself. Still, it is a cool piece.
[Image: dfndavX.png]
Going back a little further, we have a collage I made for a high school history class. The assignment was to write a fake 1938 Time magazine issue and create a cover for it. I wrote about Germany's annexation of Austria, Japan's creation of the "New Order for East Asia", and the new Soviet constitution.
[Image: zfF5b0N.jpg]
Alright so this is a pretty stupid thing to add, but back in high school I sketched this thing during math class and I thought it looked cool so I scanned it onto my computer and then forgot about it.
[Image: D6rNFvF.jpg]
Another weird sketch I did in high school math class.
[Image: 885k9BV.jpg]
I don't exactly recall this one, but it was either from the end of middle school of the beginning of high school.
[Image: fLzMWi8.jpg]
This piece actually scares the crap out of me because this is the only piece that I have ZERO memory of. When I found it on an old hard drive from 2010 it was as if I was seeing it for the first time.
Tomorrow I'll upload some stuff from even earlier, although I feel I should warn you all, its not good.
El Negro
Wooooah! Those are really good man, specially the first one!
[Image: z839mDR.png]
(Oct 25, 2017 at 5:32 AM)El Negro Wrote: Wooooah! Those are really good man, specially the first one!

Thanks for the encouragement! I've found that my biggest enemy when it comes to artistic endeavor is myself. I don't draw as often as I should because I'm lazy, and tbh I hate my own art.
Lovely work!

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