Well what can I say Minus World, it's been a great run. There's so many people to thank, and so many stories to share, but I'll keep it brief and say this: Never stop believing in yourself.

I simply had to step down. After such a long run here on The Minus World, it seemed only fair to leave it to the next generation to make Minus dot World even greater.

I will still be around the boards, naturally, and if you ever need any help from a seasoned former admin, I am always going to be there.

Thank you all for an incredible experience.

[Image: mongolia-831298_960_720.jpg]
The Beef Baron
why even sign on anymore
[Image: nIMDSBE.png]
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
i read pixabay as pizzaboy
Sad to see you go...

Whether it was intentional or not the NO HOTLINKING image is my favorite part.
“Naturally, the workers are perfectly free; the manufacturer does not force them to take his materials and his cards, but he says to them..'If you don't like to be frizzled in my frying- pan, you can take a walk into the fire.” -Friedrich Engels
it seems my sendoff sunset was destroyed (much like my adminship) and as such I have provided a rendition of what it could have been like if it wasn't

[Image: EHzFwpT.png]

my death poem to menu world
The Beef Baron

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