Gabe Newell
My fellow basement dwellers, it's been a long year with very little development on Minus World. As you know I've been extremely busy developing dozens of new Valve games for you all to enjoy, so I'm sure you'll forgive me for letting MW fall to the wayside temporarily.

But today, to make it up to you, we have added THREE new spells to the mix! You can find these in the spellbook alongside all the other spells. Obviously. Where else would they be??

Without further ado, here are the new spells you can use RIGHT NOW:

[Image: jimmywails.png]
Inspired by Wikipedia's incessant begging for donations so they can send their employees on vacations to take pictures, this spell allows you to take advantage of Jimmy Wales' puppy-dog eyes to attract more Good Sh*t clicks on a post.

[Image: headswillroll.png]
Reactions can get pretty boring sitting all in a row down at the bottom of the post. So why not make them fly around all over the place with an extremely poorly performant jquery animation? We thought the same thing, and so here it is.

[Image: wide.png]
I never understood this cool new thing the kids call "animay", so I'm not quite sure what this one is about. But it's here, so get used to it! Big thanks to @Diantha for this one.

Well there you go! Hopefully these new spells can breathe a bit of life into our little forum before it collapses in on itself like a dying star!
tfw a fictional gabe newell does more work than the real one
heads will roll is fucking amazing and my favorite addition to the site since we launched
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
holy FUCK
Finally we can all be wide
[Image: NZRK1uk.gif]
hidamari stretch makes every post look like it's the rantings of a mad god
El Negro
[Minus World is] like a sausage: you might like the taste of it, but you don't necessarily want to see how it's made.
[Image: z839mDR.png]
(Dec 2, 2017 at 10:00 PM)El Negro Wrote: [Minus World is] like a sausage: you might like the taste of it, but you don't necessarily want to see how it's made.
minus world is like a sausage because it reminds me of dick
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
the heads will roll icon is pure magic @Spritanium
its not working on my 12 grin post
El Negro
(Dec 3, 2017 at 12:15 AM)Pea Wrote: its not working on my 12 grin post

I think it's broken on dupes and mobile
[Image: z839mDR.png]
are you calling me a dupe
El Negro
(Dec 3, 2017 at 12:45 AM)Pea Wrote: are you calling me a dupe

[Image: z839mDR.png]
WIDE spinning about is great

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