For all the talk of that PACIFIST LUNCHEON you idiots sure didn't waste any time on DOUBLE MURDER NIGHT.

@JonTron has been found DEAD in the FOOT COURT, clad in a BLAST-RESISTANT HELMET and BODY ARMOR. His NECK has been weighed down upon by a TABLE LEG, causing the TABLE in question to be lifted up a little on one end.

He had a CROWBAR, a KATANA, JACQUES the PLUSH EDITION, GLUE, a SCHOOL SWIMSUIT FIGURINE, and a TRAVEL DICTIONARY on his person. Jesus, how much did he need to carry around? Oh, yeah, and he totally has BOMB #0 too. It's ARMED. You can take the DETONATOR if you're fast enough!

+You can keep one person occupied (and thus stuck in one place and unable to continue their actions for a period) for a fairly lengthy period of time by ranting about anime to them.
+Your room begins stocked with wallscrolls, a katana (folded one thousand times), and multiple questionable doujins.
-You play with Japanese voices on and cannot understand anything anyone else says.

And now, part TWO!

@Eizen... er, @Seto Kaiba has ALSO been found DEAD. He's clad in an EIZEN COSTUME, and has multiple STAB WOUNDS that have pierced through it. Each STAB WOUND has PISS in it, and a PISS KNIFE has been discovered still stuck inside him!

He has a DECK and MATCHES in his POCKET.

+If you place both a KLAN ROBE and KLAN HOOD onto someone, they cannot remove them without another's outside action.
-You do not start with KLAN ROBES or a KLAN HOOD nor does anyone else, but you can most certainly prepare them yourself out of certain common materials.

-The BACK KITCHEN SINK is flooding over again. You fucking people.
-"GET ME OUT OF HERE", or at least, what appears to be that, is written SUPER SHITTILY on the ART ROOM OUTSIDE WALL. Come on guys, you can't even WRITE properly now?
-ELYK'S DOOR has returned to its proper position, but it's not back on the HINGES.
-The ASHES outside the ART ROOM have been moved around a bit.
-A METAL HUT has been erected inside of the PLANE REPAIR WAREHOUSE
-The ELEVATOR has had part of its OUTER WALL removed. It has fallen onto the GROUND outside.

-One or more special powers was used tonight
-MONOKUMA is finally done with DARK ELYK'S BULLSHIT. Thank god.

[Image: F5khA14.png]
DREI'S ROOM is the one to the right of JONTRON'S. CHIAKI'S ROOM is to the left of BANE'S.

@Billy Aniki
@Dark Elyk
@Tony the Tiger
@Wendy Oldbag
@Rinko Shirokane

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, -do NOT- copy and paste your account PM, motive PM, or any direct PMs from Draku in the thread or Discord. Paraphrasing only. Any direct sharing of ANY of these from this point on will lead to IMMEDIATE EXECUTION.

Remember, no DISCORD INVESTIGATIONS this time! That was awful. I'll only allow it if you REALLY can't post in the thread and no one else will do it either.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Dark Elyk
Investigate JonTron's corpse. Does he have any bruises or other wounds? Does he appear to have been killed by the table crushing his neck?
There is a BLOODY NECK WOUND underneath the TABLE LEG, but it has been DILATED such that you have no idea what the original shape was.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Dark Elyk
Check for any water that may have been tracked from the kitchen.
There is a trail of WATER leading from the BACK KITCHEN out and down the SPIRAL STAIRCASE, over to the ELEVATOR, and then up to the AIRPORT BEDROOMS, ending in front of the door with TEA placed in front of it.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Dark Elyk
Are there any trails from piss or blood?
There are no PISS or BLOOD trails. There is a small amount of PISS near KAIBA'S CORPSE.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Tony the Tiger
-Wake up CHOKING with ROKUROU on top of me. I THROW him off me and he scurries out the door. *kisses my muscles in appreciation*
-Secret handshake with BOOGEYMAN to prove who I am, we then HUG and he eats the CUM-DRENCHED KLAN ROBES and HOOD off of me.
-Have him stand with door open and instruct him to stab anyone but me that enters with my SPAGHETTI FORK.
-DARK ELYK'S DOOR is back in place, ELEVATOR WALL partially missing as I ride down it too.
-Go up the SPIRAL STAIRCASE, no one in the FOOD COURT except for EIZEN and JONTRON both apparently DEAD on the FLOOR. EIZEN has a PISS KNIFE sticking out of him and JONTRON DRESSED AS A SECURITY GUARD has a table atop his NECK.
-Spooked, I draw my GUN as I enter the KITCHEN. There's WATER in the SINK with a KNIFE in it. Just then:

[Image: liquidator_metal_by_sodano-d4w9l93.jpg]

-I'm FUCKING STABBED by a WATER ELEMENTAL climbing out of the SINK. I try to SHOOT it, but the BULLETS do no damage. I pass out from the attack and lay there, apparently in water for the rest of the night as the SINK OVERFLOWED.

Fuck all of you.
Rinko Shirokane
H-Hi...I'll go ahead...and say what...I did tonight...

I...I take everyone's advice...and decide that we must go to the Food Court...for the luncheon...to be safe. So...I decide...that I'd take someone there...even if...it was by force...

I headed...to the terminal...and grabbed a burlap sack...and noticed Bomb 6...in the stash of items...then...I went to the Escalator...to go to the Security Checkpoint...and grabbed some handcuffs. As I...headed to the stairs...I noticed an armed Jontron and Jacques...grabbing something out of the ashes...

I then...ambush a random person's door...to get them to the luncheon safely...and it happened to be Wendy. I decided...since her legs might...still be broken after yesterday...I decide to continue with...my plan. I throw and tighten...the burlap sack...over her head...and handcuff and pick her up...we go down the elevator...where Dark Elykghtning the Bladed...Glowing Eye Warrior...gets into the Elevator at some point...and jams a black sword into the wall...and then once we exit...he rides the elevator back up...

I plop Wendy down in the Food Court...so she can safely attend the Luncheon...and run out the door...to the Knick Knack Shop...where I notice...Dark Elyktric the...whatever...going to as well...

At the shop...he opens a Kinder Egg...and stuffs something...into his pocket...as I look around the store...after a while...I leave for the Cafe...where I notice Elyk headed from the Shop to the Lost and Found...

When...I get inside the Cafe...I recall...Chiaki promised me...to play here tonight...I started to cry for a few minutes...before going in to play Halo...and getting bored with it. I go...to the Security Checkpoint...and then back up the escalators to the food court...where I notice Eizen alone...and...and Jon's dead body...........

I then...started to head back to my room. I walked down the spiral stairs...and noticed...Bubsy...headed out of the Food Court...? When I...rode up...on the elevator...I noticed one of the elevator walls...was partially missing...and then...I got into the bedroom hall...and noticed Rokurou headed...into the elevator behind me...

Elyk's door is back in place...and then I head to my room to sleep...
Tony the Tiger

Are there any traces of PISS in my wounds? I was asked privately to ask this.
Tony the Tiger

Please ask my BOOGEYMAN what he saw.
Tony the Tiger
Draku PM'd me to say there was no PISS in my wounds, but why would there be? After all the PISS KNIFE was still in the CORPSE and the KNIFE I was STABBED with was previously submerged in WATER.
TONY'S BOOGEYMAN begins by running out the door, saying this part doesn't count.

He rushes in and starts STRANGLING an INVISIBLE FIGURE in the BED, and then gets knocked away. He rushes back out of the room. He walks in and gets into BED. He mimes getting out and doing a JERKOFF "HANDSHAKE" and HUG. He then acts as though he is letting someone else do something to his CLOTHING. He then walks out of the room, and runs right back to stand in the DOORWAY. He waits for a moment before running over to the ELEVATOR and pretending to come out of it and walk over to the TEA DOOR ROOM, pretending to go inside.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Dark Elyk
@Wendy Oldbag let us see your boogeyman.
[Image: f2evNiP.jpg]
If I can't be the best, I can sure as hell be the worst. Dear kids, please don't kill yourselves and then sue me.
[Image: gj6eCAc.jpg]
Dark Elyk
@Draku is Bubsy still in the Souvenir Cafe? Is he damaged any further than he was on night 3?
FLAT BUBSY looks the same.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Tony the Tiger

So, are there piss trails I can follow from Eizen Corpse?
No. There is a SMALL AMOUNT OF PISS near it, but otherwise, nothing.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Dark Elyk
I awaken and remove both of my eye patches, allowing my Thanatos Eye freedom to can confirm any strange presence of ecto-mist during the night. I activate Ragnarok Protection. I prop my door up in the doorway and leave the room.

Wendy was coming out of her room. Then Rinko burst in from the stairs. She tosses a burlap sack over Wendy's head then handcuffs her. We walk together to the elevator, Rinko dragging Wendy.

On the ride down I use my Melting Blade to make a cut along the wall. Rinko and Wendy get out. I ride back up, making another cut. At the top I make a horizontal cut then kick the wall out to knock it down. I ride down again. At this point the Melting Blade is extremely cold from transferring heat into the elevator's walls to melt them.

I cross over to the spiral stairs and climb up them. At the top I see Rinko. We go into the knick knack shop together. She searches around and I crack open a Kinder Egg to find a slip of paper that reads "DISARM CODE #2: 386". I know this was here because I correctly guessed JonTron as the killer of Terezi. I exit the gift shop.

I go to the lost and found and pick up my Reuplsion Ring from Monokuma. I notice that Bomb #6 is in his inventory. I promise that I will no longer bug him and leave. As I am doing so Rinko leaves the knick knack shop and heads down the escalator. After that Eizen walks up the spiral stairs.

Eizen goes into the food court. I go down the spiral stairs. As I exit them someone with a sack starts going up them. I see "van outfitted" Billy going down the elevator. I collect ecto-mist from the air in my freezer bag as I head to the warehouse.

I check to make sure that Bomb #5 is gone. It is. I cut up some sheet metal and make a small hut. I disable Ragnarok Protection and sleep inside.

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