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Let's start with this TG3K remix I'm currently reworking in Renoise, plus it's not quite done yet. Originally known as 'Nitrous Velocity', I now call it:

Lunar Velocity
[Image: AWt5sy8l.jpg]
I know I'm already late to this thing, but I went ahead and drew it.
Just an update on my upcoming TG3K project, 'The Next Millennium':

Since I am going to redo 'Lunar Velocity' once more (bear with me), in the meantime, here's a preview for:
[Image: inSpDo1l.jpg]
While I'm slowly getting back into the art groove in recent years, here's an old Yoshi's Safari sketch of mine from 2011.
[Image: 45Yrb9j.png]
That looks sick man. Keep it up.
Pawsworth the Werewolf
love them, would love to see you take them beyond the sketching stage
I would, but I'm pretty lazy at this time. Anyway:

[Image: yrJR2Lml.jpg]
I'm on a Meat Beat Manifesto kick lately. Cool
Slowly recovering from my severe creative block with this TG3K remix:
Lunar Velocity
Currently a WIP!
[Image: 45Yrb9j.png]

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