Well, we may be a little early on this one, folks, but it's a Killing Game, so you should be used to weird timelining by now. That's kind of how these things go, you know, along with terrible physics and a loose grasp on chemistry!

Back on topic, this is our first Killing Phase so far, and if you're new to this whole thing, I'll go ahead and graciously explain what to do! Are you ready for the explanation of a lifetime?

...Actually never mind, we have a sticky, people! Just read that, because as far as Killing Games go, this one is certainly an average, run of the mill game, yep!

Oh, speaking of average, and my general sense of distaste for the mundane, I've decided I'm going to force this game to a very interesting start with a very special MOTIVE.

If no one on the island attempts a murder, every player attending the Casino Resort will be executed!

Hey, this IS a place for gambling after all! Think you can risk not attempting a murder? Puhuhuhu!

On a side note, I'll be hanging around the CRAPS TABLE in the Casino, and I'm giving everyone a free play tonight! Feel free to come and gamble with me for a chance to win yourself a Keycard.


[Image: E5oGpoq.png]
[Image: JAqez59.png]

@Maitre D'eath
@Martin Schulz
@Barack Obama
@Granny Betsy
@London Tipton

This phase ends at 12PM PST on Sunday, and the phase results should go up Monday at an undetermined time, depending how much you idiots submit.
I'm down for the first 14 deaths in one night. If we can convince the other island as well that's like, 28 deaths. No one could ever beat that record!
Take this!
[Image: Ga3hOag.png]
Well I hope you humans are ready to be made into trash! And trust me, this'll be the one time I don't recycle!
London Tipton
Oh my gosh! Killing?! Disney would terminate my contract if they found out about me killing anyone!

Luckily... they won't find out...

[Image: london-tipton-evil-look-o.gif]
Maitre D'eath
[Image: dBHgke0.png]
[Image: gJkefsA.png]
[Image: 15cocjk.jpg]
[Image: latest?cb=20150322134600]

Alright, gather around everyone! I know you're all obviously bummed by that motive, so I thought I would do something to lift everyone's fighting spirits. I hereby announce KG5's formal luncheon!

[Image: latest?cb=20150322134636]

...What? Don't give me that look. I can assure you there's absolutely no strings attached, no hidden clause to the contract, nada. This cookout will be completely devoid of traps. If you believe me, feel free to come by the Ballroom. It will be unforgettable!
A luncheon... with Hades... I can't possibly see what could go wrong! I can't bring much but a bottle of wine and some good sports!
Take this!
Granny Betsy
[Image: RufwLfe.png]

You can't scare me with a motive like that, silly bear. All of my friends are already dead.
Wait who are you people

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