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Hello, not to try and overshadow Pea's soon mall KG, but I'm going to officially announce that Masquerade KG is going to be a PARTNER KG. This doesn't mean you can't kill your partner, and some of you might be incentivized too! But as it is a lavish ball you'll all need to come in pairs and as such your roles will have some correlation be it in a pact you two made, a boon for staying alive, or a bonus for slaying the other. I promise I'll fine tune it so its fun and dynamic, but because of this different format I'm making this post to say, IF YOU HAVE ANY ROLE REQUESTS PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME BEFORE I FINALIZE THE ROLES, I.E. SOON. This way I can at least try and get you your role while still keeping the partner dynamic fitting.

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Yes, yes, this sounds wonderful and all, but where's the mall?

I hear there's all sorts of sucke- I mean, customers to be found there.
masquerade kg with partners? here's an idea:
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“Naturally, the workers are perfectly free; the manufacturer does not force them to take his materials and his cards, but he says to them..'If you don't like to be frizzled in my frying- pan, you can take a walk into the fire.” -Friedrich Engels
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Mall KG is down the other thread, Take a left, and you should be there by Sunday.
@Mario I'll consider it.
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UPDATE ON SOME OF THE MECHANICS: so you can decide if this is something you might be interested whenever this gets hosted. (Either sometime after despair's KG, or after Brainwyrms).

Roles: EVERY ROLE WILL HAVE A PARTNER. The purpose of your partner is multi-faceted. Some incentives might ask you to do something with your partner, but the main reason is to classify roles into 3 categories.
MUTUAL ROLES: You and your partner have stronger roles while the other is alive. You might have incentives to not kill each other or penalties for one dying.
NEUTRAL ROLES: There is no hard rule saying you can or cannot kill your partner. You won't necessarily gain from it, and you won't lose anything from letting them live.
RIVAL ROLES: You and your partner are encouraged to kill the other. Achieving a murder against your rival will net you more power to your role. Watching your rival die will result in either nothing or limited gains.
Unless stated you are not forbidden nor forced in murdering your partner.
You MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW WHO YOUR PARTNER IS. This is to encourage espionage and the masquerade as a whole. Someone may want to reunite with you or murder you depending on your motives.

Masks: Each character gets a mask based on something with their role, but in animal form. Wearing your mask makes you identifiable as "someone wearing the ____ mask", and little else. It's also important for possible incentives that may require you to wear your mask! Masks are steal-able, but not breakable.

Calling Cards: Mostly for flavor purposes, everyone has their calling cards based on the Major Arcana. This is highly thematic for your roles and motives. If you like you can have a supply of your own calling cards to use during the night.

Lore: Yes.

If you have interest please let me know with a message saying what of the three categories your prefer and/or a purpose/theme of your role. The early comers can give me a little say in what they want for a role, but once supplies are limited they will be randomly assigned!

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Let's play our lives away!

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ayy it's ya boi uh so this a killin gam?

man I sure wanna get killed and respawn back on the BUS see you back on the bus skinnygang

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It's my time to shine again.
Bill Cipher

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Oh yeah, and for those of you who really want an extra element of espionage, feel free to make dupe accounts seperate from your account, and a new discord avvount for it too. Who knows, it may just work out.

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Let's play our lives away!
Lulu Azhal
I sure hope I don't die this time
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A quick update on some of the things you might expect to see. Because some of you are considering your dupes and how things would work, I'd like to point out a feature that might help you in make your decisions with dupes.
Your type of role is relevant for how you perform with partners and alone; referring to MUTUAL, NEUTRAL, and RIVAL. Depending on who you work with, your ability to accomplish things and the rate that you achieve them is changed, kind of like the following.
Mutual: Severe decrease in effectiveness with others, no penalty working alone, Increase in effectiveness and ability with partner.
This is to emphasize just how important your partner is. Your powers are at full throttle right off the bat, so to keep them that way, keep your partner alive!
Neutral: Minor increase in with others, Minor increase alone, Varies with Partner. But if they fulfill their goal they see large boosts to all sides.
For Neutrals you general have a unique goal to accomplish that will unlock the rest of your abilities. To emphasize this you work well with others, but your partner could be friend or foe!
Rival: Increase in effectiveness with others, No penalty alone, Severe decrease with assigned partner.
When the partner dies those shift around a bit to, Minor increase-Increase (One of the other) with others, Severe increase alone.
A Rival's goal generally goes against their partner and as such, you should be at ends with each other. The reason you shouldn't be working together is because if one of you is eliminated, the other gets a much stronger addition to their role. Kind of like neutral, but even better! (Because generally you have to kill someone).

So when you're picking dupes with friends, be wary of what you pick as you might give something away. Or maybe it's mind games? No one truly knows who was invited and who's with who. Expect incentives/rewards based on how much information you can gather correctly!

Don't fre tthough, this is why you have masks that serve as personas (not the shin megami tensai kind) to hide your identity when you don't want to be identified. Just be careful that THAT information doesn't come out either. Everything you do with a mask on might be tied back to you eventually.

It shouldn't be too long until this gets to have a chance to run, so if there are any questions on mechanics or interest please leave a message here!

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Let's play our lives away!
I'm gonna try for a Victory Royale!
How curious, to be called to a game of masks and lies.

Yet... a long-twisted agony burns in this place, a scarlet flame that seals our ritual in a way most peculiar. Our roles are cast in this spectacular show, and yet, the curtain has not yet lifted, and the crowd has yet to form. Curious indeed.

I believe I will partake in this dance of death after all.
Fun With Despair
I'm in, I'll make and post with a dupe later unless you all want me to use trip and inevitably get him killed
A killing game? Humans certainly do have some, er...unique forms of entertainment. Very well, I shall participate with elegance and poise.

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I don't know about you, but I see more demons than humans in this place. Not that I mind: That just means I've got to fight them!
god i have to piss
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Hey, just to make things easier for me, please let me know in discord and/or MW who is behind the dupes so I can keep organized, because then I know which people here are just shitposting and don't have to worry if they have their roles or not. Thank you.

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Let's play our lives away!

(Feb 6, 2019 at 1:56 AM)MarioPants Wrote:
god i have to piss
I have seen death and disease spread through many lands. I have witnessed kingdoms and gods rise and fall with the beating of the Nightmare Heart.

And yet... I fear this being.

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