It looks like for now the MyBB 2.0 project is on hold (it's been in development for years so I guess that's not too surprising...). The MyBB team are instead working on MyBB 1.9 which looks like it'll come out later this year. It's a pretty major update and most if not all of our current stuff won't work. So once it's released we'll have some work ahead of us before we update to it.

Here's some ideas of what we might work on:
- A new theme. They're changing their entire template system to twig, which is a pretty standard and imo very good template system for PHP these days. Their default theme is also going to be designed to be responsive out of the box as well. Basically we can (and likely will need to) make a new theme and have it *not* based on the paid Respond theme. Most likely this'll still be based on bootstrap and font awesome but it'll give us the opportunity to use the latest versions of each and the goodies that come with that.
- re-organize our hacks into plugins. We've done a lot of things that modify mybb's code directly and I'm sure a lot of it can be tweaked into plugins. This means updates won't be as messy for us and we can likely release these plugins to be used by others- cool stuff.
- re-organize the JavaScript because it's a big mess at the moment. Maybe package it all into modules and TypeScript and other fancy stuff?? we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.
- who knows maybe this means new features down the line? We'll see

Any other ideas? I think that's the major stuff
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honestly I think the hacks being reorganized into plugins is probably the biggest thing, and will probably be a pretty big boon down the line overall, not just for release purposes.

being able to tweak something minor on the forum without breaking literally everything else because it's all modified into the base forum code would certainly be nice to have, for once.

plus it would allow for a lot more flexibility as to what they can be used for, i.e. forum specific spell variations and such

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