The Other Monokuma
You really did it now! You not only managed to kill somebody... but you guys killed two somebodies! Surprise, it's a double kill night!

Well, who's dead? Why it's @Colonel Sanders and @Coldsteel the Hedgehog, both lying frozen in the FREEZER!

Lucky you, I get to post @Colonel Sanders role!
Hm. Well.

Anyway, I suppose we'll need a SOLVE INCENTIVE too!
If you solve one case, I'll let you vote for the next ? room! If you solve both, I'll even take suggestions!

Get to it!

-The GAS STOVE is engulfed in flames.
-There's signs of an EXPLOSION.
-COLDSTEEL is a charred crisp in addition to being frozen.
-COLONEL SANDERS has signs of being STABBED, but he's also frozen.
-There is BLOOD on the GACHA MACHINE, and a small pool of blood by it.
-The KITCHEN has been raided.
-It's a mess in general, really.
-The OVEN is billowing smoke.

-No players were AFK tonight
-A majority of the ART from the ART GALLERY is in the CASINO.
-There is a grande BILLY HARRINGTON painting in the gallery.
-There's SONIC AND SHADOW YIFF ART hanging as well.
-https://cdn.wallpapersafari.com/65/47/RE7xkL.jpg is also hanging up on the wall.
-What's left of the paintings is painted over with WHITE PAINT.
-There's a party table in the dining room.
-There's also curry in the dining room, growing cold.

[Image: jFSRwQI.png]
[Image: QCzuUel.png]

Thinking, 9 EST tomorrow for a deadline.

@Sherlock Holmes
@Hero Prinny
@Teal Deer
@工藤 新一
@Dr. Mario
@The Snatcher
@Totally Regular Guy
@"Korekiyo Bluspyguji"
@The Other Monokuma can I eat some of the curry?
Dr. Mario
Investigate the freezer
Crash Bandicoot
(Jul 10, 2018 at 1:46 AM)Diantha Wrote: @The Other Monokuma can I eat some of the curry?

Please, help yourself, Diantha-san! I made plenty!
Sherlock Holmes
What are the rules on double deaths? Can they just occur at random or was this a forced double murder?
The Snatcher
Well, I can safely say that Her probably did it. Hanging around the kitchen like that, drunk in the middle of the flames.

Don't you people pay attention to safety codes? I'm not about to let myself get sued because you clowns can't pay attention to your contracts.
I wake up, leave my room, enter the rec room. I See Dio, 工藤 新一 and Her. You know, HER...

Her takes a fucking piss on the couch, fucking loon.

I see Kaban and am offered curry which I gratefully eat.

I enter the Art Studio where I see Diantha and Dr. Mario. I paint Sonic x Shadow yiff and then exit the Art Studio with the painting. I exit the Rec Room with Diantha, Dr. Mario and Gerson. We all enter the elevator and enter the gallery. I hang my masterpiece while Dr. Mario hangs his own. Diantha exits toward Bedroom Hallway while I watch Dr. Mario loot the Gallery.

I exit the Gallery and enter the elevator with Mario. Someone enters the Rec Room but I don't see who. I ditch Mario and head towards my room to go to sleep.
The Other Monokuma
(Jul 10, 2018 at 1:47 AM)Dr. Mario Wrote: Investigate the freezer
Well besides, the corpse pile, there's a bit of BLOOD by the COLONEL and a small, GOOMBA TOY. It looks like a GACHA PRIZE.
Actually, the COLONEL has one too! It's... an empty container. Wow, that's gotta be the worst one yet.
(Jul 10, 2018 at 1:55 AM)Sherlock Holmes Wrote: What are the rules on double deaths? Can they just occur at random or was this a forced double murder?
Well, if two powerful killing roles tried to FORCE a kill at the same time...
[Image: O45Izko.png]






Coldsteel the Hedgehog
i gues im really.......coldsteel......pshhhhhh......
Sherlock Holmes
I wake up and enter the bar. The bar is undisturbed. My detective sense triggers and I turn around to catch Colonel Sanders slipping out of his room to go upstairs.
I grab a few bottles and exit to the casino.

I notice that the casino's ceiling is very high and see that the balcony above only has shin high railings.
I observe the gacha machine. There are exactly 18 prizes inside (the machine can hold a total of 20), one of them is a key. The Other Monokuma is there and he is holding a similar one.
I try my luck and get a toy robot. The Other Monokuma snickers at me.

I leave to the dining room. I notice scuff marks on the table and a chair is missing.
I begin taking forks while Robbydude and Totally Regular Guy enter carrying party supplies that I recognize as surreal. It is like they do not belong in this world.
They leave the room. Robbydude goes to gamble and Totally Regular Guy goes to bring more stuff in.

I leave the dining room and enter my own room. I hear four doors open and close in the hallway before I fall asleep.

UPDATE: I have clarified that the party supplies were Chinese bootlegs.
The Snatcher
I expected better from you, you know? Those two dead guys were on my Contract Crew, and I'm not about to forgive someone coming in and killing off my future plans.

Anyway, everyone else seems too busy talking about "dupe gimmicks" or something on that discord thing, so I'll start with my account.

When I woke up, I grabbed my pillow, my bedsheet, and a couple contracts, for the purposes of that plan. You know, the one you ruined? I used to respect you murderer-types, but back to the actual account, here. I took that stuff because I was planning to stealth my way down to that Gacha machine. I used the bedsheet as a rope and rappelled down from the guardrail, using the pillow to cushion my fall as I jumped onto the machine.

...Then Her somehow smacks into the machine from above. Deserved it, honestly. No idea what they were thinking.

Robbydude is over by the slots, yelling something, but I ignore him and beeline for the Gym. I had an appointment with the Colonel, but he was late. Her came in and signed my contract anyway, though. I appreciate it. Eventually, they leave and the Colonel comes in, and now he slaps down his signature on that paper too. Great stuff people, this is how you do it!

So once I have their signatures, I head up to the bar, where Her and Diantha are. The latter's got no clothes on, and while I try to get her drunk enough to sign her own soul away, she tries getting frisky with me, and I'm not having any of that.

Luckily, they both leave, but as I go to grab some stuff for the road, I hear someone shout from under the bar that they're masturbating. It sounds like Robbydude, but whatever. I grab my liquor and I get out of there, heading back into the Casino. I play some Gacha and...


...I got a good item.

I climb back onto the machine, and make a leap for the sheet I had tied up, hoisting myself upstairs as the Doc tosses a bunch of painting over the edge. Not much of a decorator, that guy.

I drop some scotch off in Her's room, as per our agreement, then I head for the Kitchen, where Her is totally hammered from the Bar, and surrounded in flames. The Colonel and the Hedgehog are both dead in the freezer, so I panic and put my breadsticks in the oven, and leave before the flames get me too.

Finally, I head over to DIO's room and try to get him to sign a contract, but that IDIOT refuses, and kicks me out.

Awful. Just awful.

After that point, I head to bed and fall asleep. I'm already done with this crowd.
Dr. Mario
Yippee! I can't wait to share what happened my first night playing a killing game!

Hearing that the gacha machine would have incredible prizes, I don't think anyone could resist checking it out, not even me, established doctor, Dr. Mario.

That GOOMBA toy in the freezer? That's what I won. After I won the prize I immediately went to the FREEZER and deposited it there. I didn't notice anything strange or anyone yet, wahoo!

The ART STUDIO is where the real magic started to happen. DIANTHA was there and then SONICPROJECT showed up (and he's noisy!). KABAN showed up and shared curry with me, yippee!

I put my painting in the ART GALLERY

Some point later in the night I notice some anime????? girl and a SOMEONE IN ARMOR in the ART GALLERY. I assume this is some kind of role power?

KABAN was being followed by some kind of blue blur on the way to her room later on.

Also the SNATCHER was climbing onto the balcony even later?? mamma mia
The Snatcher
Oh, and for the record, originally, the following people were in on Operation Contract:

-Colonel Sanders

Now, out of those four, I'll ask The Other Monokuma to verify which signatures I got. @The Other Monokuma, show em' the signatures on my contracts, but only the signatures!
Totally Regular Guy
Whoa, what's going on here? Definitely not the kind of party I was hoping for. Sorry I'm late to the investigation, by the way, woke up with a massive headache, drank a little too much.

I definitely don't want no party pooper, so I'll share what I saw tonight, which could help us find the culprit:

- I woke up with a voice saying that SonicProject woke up. I don't really care if he did or not, but that voice definitely woke me up.
- I sorted out some party supplies for the party I'm organizing next night, which, by the way, you're all invited. Bring your own booze if you want, but I'm providing some myself.
- Kinda need an extra hand with bringing all my stuff over to the Dining Room, so I went outside to see if anyone could help me out. SonicProject was there, but he was yelling about something at the Rec Room. Robbydude came out of his room shortly after, so I asked him to help me out, which he did. Really swell guy, I'd have a beer with him.

We picked up some supplies and went for the Elevator, where we heard someone win a game of got'cha, or something like that. No idea what that is. The 'dude and I went inside the Dining Room, where the detective guy - Sherlock was his name, if I remember - was dumpster diving around. Not the best kind of hobby, but I don't judge. You do you. As he does that, I set up the table and some of the party supplies there and leave.

Robbydude left for the Casino, so I said bye to him. I have a bit more supplies to bring down, however, but I can manage. Nothing much happened as I brought some stuff from my room to the Dining Room again.

- I got a bit hungry, and thirsty, but I didn't want to go for booze yet. I went for the Kitchen and made myself some Nachos. The stove was on fire, though, but I didn't mind some extra crispy nachos, so I made some anyway. I got myself a Pepsi™ and sipped as I went back to my room. By the time I left the Kitchen, I saw an elevator close, but I don't know who or if anyone was inside.
- Near my room, I saw some Turtle guy... did someone spike my drink? Whatever, we headed to our respective rooms and I fell asleep.

I'm telling you guys, my party's gonna be great. We'll hang around and listen to some of my top 40 music CDs.
Totally Regular Guy
By the way, what's with the small mushroom toy that the doctor talked about? Can we get some details on that?
Sherlock Holmes
@The Other Monokuma

I would like the investigate the bodies of the victims more. What do the stab wounds look like?

Are there any knives missing from the kitchen?

Investigate inside of and around the oven. Is there anything that could be the cause of the explosion?
The Snatcher
@The Other Monokuma While he's checkin' that, I'll check out behind the bar.

There was someone jerking off back there, and dammit I'm gonna find out who.
Sherlock Holmes
@The Other Monokuma I would also like to investigate the rooms of the deceased and interrogate their boogeymen.
Crash Bandicoot
Oh no, rest in peace, Colonel-san and Coldsteel-san... Whoever is responsible for this is no Friend of mine, so let's all work together to bring them to justice! I'll share my account, and hopefully there is some useful info to glean from it:

The first thing I did was head to the kitchen. Being surrounded by so many new Friends, I wanted to get to know everyone! As they say, "The quickest way to a Friend's heart is through their stomach!" With that in mind, I made two big helpings of Curry!

After I was done, I turned the stove off. I placed some bowls and utensils neatly into my bag, and brought a bowl of Curry with me! I walked into the Recreational Room as I heard the elevator arrive behind me. There were so many Friends in here, so I was very eager to offer them a serving of Curry. I offered some to Dio-san, SonicProject-san, and 工藤 新一-san, and Her-san! Her-san unfortunately declined, saying something about not washing her hands, but everyone else gladly had some. In fact, SonicProject-san enjoyed it so much, he shouted about how he was eating some! I'm so glad everyone was enjoying my cooking...!

I made so much in one helping, that I figured it would be best to wait around until more people arrived. So, I did! I gave some to Gerson-san, Hero Prinny-san, Doctor-san, and Diantha-san! Hero Prinny-san came in asking for it, even! Word must've spread about my delicious Curry, which makes me feel tanoshii! I saw Coldsteel-san walk by the Recretional Room, and I would've offered a serving to him, but he kept walking...

At this point I realized that I had ran out of Curry, so it was time to restock! I went back to the Kitchen to grab the other bowl, and I passed Korekiyo-san on the way. When I entered the Kitchen, oh it was awful! The stove was on fire, and Hero Prinny-san was looting! I thought I saw something blue and blurry, but I figured my eyes might've been watery from the smoke. I thought maybe something in the Walk-In Freezer might put out the fire, but all I found was... C-Coldsteel-san... he was burnt to a crisp. When I walked back into the Kitchen, Hero Prinny-san was gone. I was scared and shaking, but I decided that making more Friends was more important, now more than ever!

I fought against my nerves and reheated my second batch of Curry in the Microwave. I grabbed some more utensils and headed to the Elevator. That blue blur never quite left my eye, and I was starting to get worried, until it came into the Elevator with me, and revealed herself as Teal Deer-san! I exited the Elevator once we were downstairs, and Teal Deer-san just... followed behind me. I-I think she was shy. We passed through the Bar on our way to the Dining Room, as I looked over and noticed Her-san. She didn't look well...

I set the tables in the Dining Room, noticing an absence of forks in the room. Fortunately, you eat Curry with a spoon! There was also an extra table with party supplies on it, but I opted for a regular table. I set down the Curry and utensils, and waited for Friends to arrive! ...N-Nobody showed up, unfortunately. Teal Deer-san was still acting aloof at this point, but decided to come over. I never SAW her eat, but there was definitely Curry missing, a-and it wasn't because I sneaked in extra servings before giving anyone any!

I decided that nobody was going to show, and wrapped up earlier than anticipated. I got up and left for the Elevator, and Teal Deer-san was still following me. I left for my room as I saw Doctor-san leaving the Balcony. I entered my room, got ready for bed, and turned off the lights.

...I-I guess I didn't lock the door behind me, because someone came in while the lights were out, and whispering things into my ear until we both fell asleep.

You know, I wish Teal Deer-san wasn't so shy and said hello! I've met all kinds of deer Friends before, and would've loved to talk to her!

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