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every day for two weeks i will review the cute points of an anime girl
El Negro
waifu reviewer, how much does it look like a thot and how shitty is it in personality and appearance (HEAVY CRITICisiMZ!!!!!)) (no kyle allowed)
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fairy tale hot potato: i take the first sentence of a fairy tale and draw an accompanying image for it. someone else writes the next sentence and i draw that for the next day's page. 14 days, 14 drawings, and hopefully by the end we have a beautiful mess.
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El Negro
IDEA NUMBER TWO!!!!: one letter story, i'll post them to twitters of random celebrities with a fake account
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Snufferin Snagglepuss
Everyone willing to participate in this idea will send me their favorite memes, preferably MW related and max 3. Then I will create a homebrew DnD campaign for a weekly session for everyone interested to run through it and we'll see how far people can get or how much of a trainwreck it will be after 1 month. Homebrew rules also allow for the simplification of rules for those not as well versed in DnD and can follow to a better degree.
"Let's play our lives away!"
i will resurrect the whole 1 image per person thing and do it for 14 new people
Dr. Mario
I won't post every day for 2 weeks
El Negro
IDEA 3 (VALVE WATCH OUT HOLY SHIT!)!)": i post the same picture for every day for a whole month in every single channel (COMMUNITY DECIDES THE PICTURE!)))
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I will post one video review each day of a fan game. Suggestions allowed.
El Negro
@Elyk h-doom
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every day, I'll review a shitty fanfic of your choosing. doesn't matter if it's so bad it's good or it's so terrible it'll make me want to delete my account
Ghost emoji only forum. You can only post with ghost emojis or get banned for a day as the haunted curse takes you.
ill watch all of power rangers in space again and maybe like idk post every couple of episodes i guess
mw makes a visual novel
post images and story concepts and i'll shit something out in ren'py
don't expect war and peace

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