MFGG Ruleset 8.71

1) No NSFW Material
Do not post text, images, or media of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature. Don't post content depicting extreme violence, or anything else that would be unsafe for work.
  • If you must, please put it in a spoiler tag and give a clear warning, but keep its contents reasonable. This is supposed to be a family-friendly website.
  • To clarify further and to define "reasonable": we will not allow anything that has intent to look suggestive or worse. Any media that features whether explicitly or outlined (showing through clothes) any form of "private areas" will not be permitted. Exceptions are granted to official game renders that cannot be reasonably argued to have non-family-friendly intentions.

2) No Illegal Content
  • Never post or ask for any illegal software, media, or commercial ROMs. ROM hacks are fine if they are distributed as patches.
  • Don't post malicious software of any kind.

3) Be Nice to One Another
Don't harass, annoy, troll, threaten, or flame other members. Be courteous and respectful to everyone, and keep all critique constructive in tone. Do not provoke arguments or attempt to "bait" other members. Always ask permission before revealing any sensitive personal information about someone else.
  • Be respectful of things people have limited to no control over, such as their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability, and don't use offensive terminology about someone's group. Treat everyone equally and fairly.
  • Reports and/or requests to kick/ban a member may only be discussed in private.

4) Keep Swearing to a Minimum
The message boards are intended to be a place that anyone of any age can enjoy. Keep swearing to a minimum, and don't attempt to bypass the swear filter.
  • Minor swears will not get you warned as long as you aren't being excessive with them, but we still don't encourage them.
  • Bigger ones should be avoided entirely, but if they appear in any media you're posting (and the media itself is relevant and reasonable enough), you need to have it in a spoiler tag with a warning beforehand.

5) No Throwaway Posts
The message boards encourage well-thought out and inspired discussions. Topics that have little thought, creativity, or discussion value put into them may be moved or removed at a moderator's discretion. Likewise, posts with little to no value (such as a reaction image or a very small handful of words, such as "Cool.") may also be removed.

6) No Spam
Keep discussions meaningful and on-topic - do not deliberately derail threads or disrupt conversations. Do not repeatedly post in the same topic or create a large number of new ones within a short span of time. Spambots will be banned immediately.

7) No Outside Disputes
Do not bring drama from somewhere else into MFGG. Similarly, please do not take matters that started inside MFGG to other places on the Internet - for example, raiding a forum in the name of MFGG is a big no-no. What happens on MFGG stays on MFGG.

8) Be Responsible
Do not fuel the flames if you see a toxic post - report posts if the mod team aren't alerted to an issue. It isn't being a snitch; it's helping keep MFGG's atmosphere clean and friendly.

9) General Maturity
Be an intelligent, sensible contributor to MFGG. Some things to avoid:
  • "typin liek dis........ XDXDXD"; writing in barely understandable English or foreign languages, or consistently showing an inability to understand basic English.
  • Frequently instigating arguments or disrupting the community in some other negative way.
  • Bumping old topics without a valid reason. It is acceptable to bump your own topic if you have a significant and meaningful update.
  • Continuing or reposting a topic that has been locked by a moderator due to it violating the rules.
  • Asking for help in some way (advice in the general chat, or criticism in the development/arts boards) and then showing a complete disregard for any help that is given.

10) Duplicate Accounts
We will allow you to register a duplicate account on the forums, but you will have to follow these rules:
  • You will need to ask for permission from a moderator or administrator to register the duplicate account beforehand.
  • If we come across a duplicate account that is not accounted for (i.e. we are unaware who the original owner is), that account will instantly become banned.
  • Do not use the account to pick on other members anonymously. What is funny to you may not be funny to the person you're joking about.
  • If you attempt to register a duplicate account in order to bypass a ban, your ban time will just increase.

We reserve the right to ban serial or flagrant violators of these rules.

Additional Notes
These don't affect your day-to-day posting as much as the above, but are still definitely worth noting:
  • You are responsible for your own account. Keep it secure.
  • An account represents an individual. Do not register an account to be shared by more than one person.
  • Please contact an admin if you need to access the boards using a proxy. We reserve the right to ban accounts created with IP addresses associated with proxies, or "throwaway" e-mail accounts, both of which are frequently employed by spambots and other troublemakers.
  • Avatars and signatures should not contain seizure-inducing or otherwise annoying imagery.
  • Signatures should not be more than 400 pixels tall and stay within a reasonable file size.
  • You can now change your username without needing to contact an admin. Name changes are logged, though, so don't change your name to something that breaks the rules.
  • You can talk about your own website, YouTube channel, or anything of the sort in General Chat. However, please do not create more than one topic for such advertisements (unless the topic hasn't had any activity for around 6 months).
  • Please use spoiler tags as appropriate when discussing potential plot spoilers.
  • The mod team isn't psychic. It can be very difficult to tell the intended tone of posts on the Internet, so exercise caution when using sarcasm.
  • Do not try to find flaws or loopholes in the rules and abuse them. Warnings will be administered based on the spirit, not the letter, of the rules.
  • If you're interested in knowing what data is collected when you use the MFGG forums, click here. Don't worry, though - we collect very little user data, and it can be removed upon a reasonable request.
  • Font colors and sizes that are difficult to read may be edited out, coming with a request to use something more reasonable. If it continues to be an issue after the fact, we may warn you as necessary.

These rules are subject to change if we see that they don't bring about the intended results.
Am I allowed to post hentai?
(Sep 16, 2018 at 10:30 AM)Elyk Wrote: Am I allowed to post hentai?

of course you are
(Sep 16, 2018 at 1:10 PM)sealelement Wrote:
(Sep 16, 2018 at 10:30 AM)Elyk Wrote: Am I allowed to post hentai?

of course you are
If I am then why does my good friend Zelma keep getting banned for doing so?
(Sep 16, 2018 at 1:11 PM)Elyk Wrote:
(Sep 16, 2018 at 1:10 PM)sealelement Wrote:
(Sep 16, 2018 at 10:30 AM)Elyk Wrote: Am I allowed to post hentai?

of course you are
If I am then why does my good friend Zelma keep getting banned for doing so?

you're allowed to post it -here- just not on mfgg
I fucking hate these rules, scrap em. communities arent video games you get a high score for banning stir and zelma for
“Naturally, the workers are perfectly free; the manufacturer does not force them to take his materials and his cards, but he says to them..'If you don't like to be frizzled in my frying- pan, you can take a walk into the fire.” -Friedrich Engels
why is rule number one "don't post porn" and not "don't openly harass other members"

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