Who believes in the Big Bang creation myth

Never in my entire life have I heard such BOLOGNY as the "Big Bang" creation myth. I can't even BEGIN to think how unimaginative you have to be to come up with this totally useless idea. For those that don't know about it, basically some white dude came and said "First, there was nothing, then BANG there was thing." And that's it. THAT'S THE WHOLE FUCKING STORY. There wasn't even any sex in it like in most of the other higher-tier creation myths, and yet SOMEHOW Flouride drinkers subscribe to this idea. It's just simply mind-bottling. Even low-tier thought systems like Christianity came up with a more useful creation myth than the Atheist Big Bung theory. The only thing the Big Bang creation myth has every done for us was give us the title for one of the worst TV shows of the 21st Century. What happened to the GOOD OLD DAYS when white people came up with some sick-ass ideas like the Kalevala poem or the Greek pantheon or the Celtic cycles. Nowadays we have these BUNG ASS SCIENTISTS just putting in NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER and making a story about some unexplained Hollywood-esque EXPLOSION and expecting everyone to be ok with that. Well, not me.
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I miss God
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