Head Canon: The Many Worlds of Pokemon

So because I'm a giant geek I was curious what the least number of timelines/worlds for Pokemon is possible. Here's my answer and what I consider to be my head canon:


The thinking is that legendary pokemon (ordinarily) are unique and therefore two of them cannot exist in the same timeline/universe. The notable exception to this is Ultra Wormholes although apparently Black/White and Black2/White2 also had exceptions.

As such most timelines are split into 2 components. The notable exception being the "3rd timelines" which consist of a single train. Most timelines are split into a "red" version and a "blue" version. Most of it is completely unimportant and also complete nonsense, but it's my "head cannon".

Why did I put in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon onto the end of the Classic Timeline? Because I really like the idea that the last Pokemon games on a handheld console returned to the same timeline that began the entire franchise. Also once you exclude Ultra Wormhole legendaries, there is not a single repeat between the original 2 generations and the Pokemon in the Ultra games. I could also add in the Black and White timelines, however it doesn't really fit with how the games were originally marketed with them being a break away from the old with 150 brand new pokemon and such. I also remember a "alternate dimension warper" that allowed scientists to research alternative universes so in my headcanon Black/White are in their own universe/timeline.

One thing that is interesting with how I've laid it all out, most universes/timelines feature the Legendary 3 Birds. The 5th timelines being the odd one out.

Pokemon FireRed Team: Blastoise, Parasect, Graveller, Pidgeot, Arbok, Primeape
Pokemon Crystal Team (current): Bayleef, Wooper, Ledyba, Spinarak, HootHoot
Pokemon Platinum Team (hiatus): Grotle, Kricketune, Onix, Magikarp, Zubat
Pokemon Black Team: Embroar, Krookodile, Swanna, Beheeyem, Vanilluxe, Magnezone
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