How many anime do you guys clearly remember?

Having watched anime for over 15 years, it stroke me that I have forgotten what lots of tittles were about (not counting the really broad strokes). It could be that my memory is seriously bad, but at this point, I hardly remember even half of the shows. One thing I noticed is that I am far more familiar with the ones that I discussed or at least were trending/controversial on MyAnimelist at some point.

What about you?
I think I played pac-man once
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i remember the nostalgia critic and avgn crossover but is that anime
I forget most but my memory isn't very good to begin with.
a kid at my school got expelled for pulling up hentai, does that count
uh I saw dragon balls on ytv does that count
Defintely remember something that was controversial or that really made me feel a certain emotion when watching, a good example of this is the final episode of the popular anime "How I Met Your Mother". Never before had I felt so betrayed and so angry. I immediately went on my "Things I can't deal with" page of facebook and voiced my frustrations there but that is only one example
(Sep 16, 2018 at 3:07 PM)Pea Wrote: tittles
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(Sep 16, 2018 at 3:17 PM)sealelement Wrote: i remember the nostalgia critic and avgn crossover but is that anime

yes but i honestly thought post time skip zettai karen children was pretty boring and not just because they were older- it was also because they all had long hair
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