Not Single Thread (bachelor/ette be whack)

I think this is the first time that making a parody thread outside of VIP actually makes sense.

if you like it then you should put a ring on it

i did.

[Image: lYKaC9q.jpg]

married for 3+ years now [Image: 8Os5cE6.gif]
do you think they're still together or did overwatch tear them apart like it did the rest of the tf2 community
overwatch doesnt do rings so i dont think so
oh no i should get married quick while i could still be bought a ring before the tf2 servers go down, that could happen any day now
to clarify, tf2 closing could happen any day now. i probably would not get married any day now, but given how team fortress hasnt had a major update thing in like a year its only a matter of time until the one intern who's working on it decides to move onto working on coutner-dota: VR like everyone else at valve

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