List of problems common among Minus World users. They:

-Take every statement literally.
-Send friend requests, without having talked to you for a decent amount of time.
-Focus more on peoples' behavior rather than the point they're making.
-Will scratch, claw, to find ANY reason to argue, no matter how stupid it is.
-Nitpick, usually to throw away an argument, AKA straw-manning.
-Misunderstand constantly, no matter how clear the point is.
-Misrepresent peoples' points.
-Become condescending out of nowhere.
-Over simplify/exaggerate the points others make.
-Ignore key points/questions people make.
-Constant shitposts.
-Almost always respond to only argue, not actually discuss.
-Assume peoples' intentions without any actual basis
-Call people SJWs without actually knowing what an SJW is

Do you guys think any of my criticisms towards the site users are wrong? Am I missing something? Please, I'm open to suggestions

But I know at least 50% of you are just gonna post to shitpost. What a coincidence: shitpost has the word "shit" in it. No wonder you take so much pleasure from doing it :)
sounds about right tbh
what's wrong with enjoying a good shit
“Naturally, the workers are perfectly free; the manufacturer does not force them to take his materials and his cards, but he says to them..'If you don't like to be frizzled in my frying- pan, you can take a walk into the fire.” -Friedrich Engels

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