w00t, finally made a porn folder!

Yes, I finally decided to man up and make a folder. I found a great hiding spot for it. I lost my folders from Linux, so I don't have any of the old great hiding places like "Animal Farm" or "War of the Worlds text docs," so I searched for an alternative.
C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos\screencaps\Other\Ecchi
C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos\screencaps\Other\Hentai

We never use videos, so my dad will never look, especially not that far down. I've only got ten files in ecchi and none in hentai, but hey, I only made them a few hours ago. I decided to do this now that Danbooru is gone. You see, I can no longer just come back to the really good stuff. The ecchi isn't all that good, but there wasn't much to choose from today on the usual stops (4chan, ko-chan, iichan, etc.)
oh my fucking god the public folder? holy shit
“Naturally, the workers are perfectly free; the manufacturer does not force them to take his materials and his cards, but he says to them..'If you don't like to be frizzled in my frying- pan, you can take a walk into the fire.” -Friedrich Engels
next level power plays right here
can't be bothered to type "animal farm," better just make a folder called hentai and dump everything there
Yeah that's pretty ballsy to put in a public folder. What about when your dad decides to do a search for "hentai"? He'd find it right away.

Here's mine: E:\Users\Kyle\Desktop\gamemaker stuff\images\a\h\New Folder

I only have a few things in it because it's much safer to store images in the cloud these days.
be careful if you do follow kyle's advice though because this will establish an Porno Arms Race where your dad will try more and more things to find out where you keep your spank material including spying on you through a 2nd story window. its a dangerous tactic and should only be considered by the most dedicated ttity seekers

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