Kira Game 16 is the first numbered Kira Game since late last summer, and it will share many rules with older incarnations. But there shall also be changes, and big ones, too.

The most notable is the personality system, a game-changing addition.

You will choose one personality: Normal, Emotional, or Logical. This has no real bearing on whether you are Kira or L, but it affects your ability set drastically.

You can also expect a shop system. This will be fairly standard.

Finally, you have the progression system. Each day, a new rule is introduced that makes death easier, until you have anarchy. Trust me when I say that dallying will get you killed.

On the matter of Citizens, they must be recruited in order to win.

So there you have it. The changes are fairly big, and much of the system secret, but you can expect this to be a genuine Kira Game and not some spin-off. You can sign-up and make suggestions here.

1) blacjak
2) BMasaurus
3) Rorschach
4) RétroX
5) Negasquid
6) Sorario
7) Starmango
8) Creepede
9) Shroomguy
10) Zayne
11) Ookami
12) Rexozord
13) Sticky Spreee
14) Cinna
15) OmegaK
16) MadHatterMatador
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