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Okay, I know this was back in 2009 but I just have to address it.

(No offence) Why did you have to be such a douchebag to that guy - Goombill Rezne Koopario? He spent a lot of time on those custom sprites and you just pooped all over them. I would've put you in your place if I was him/her. "What does unfinished have to do with terrible shading?" When I saw that I thought it was the single most stupid forum comment I had ever seen. It may not be as easy for him/her as it is for you.

I don't get why people on forums are such douchebags just because they know more than someone, as if when you signed up for a forum it gives you the right to be an utter d*ck to everyone who knows less than you.

Unimpressed Angry You need to point out your opinion in a more friendly manner, you're going to meet people on this forum who won't put up with your crap and then YOU'LL be the one who gets pooped on.

Sorry for being rough but I didn't like the way you handled the situation, it looked like you tried to create an argument over SPRITES
Get it by your own hands.

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Drei being a terrible person and bully as usual, nothing to see here.


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