petition to cease development of mario's sticker stage

zero kirby's sig contains this haunting message: "Mario's Sticker Stage - Finished adding Jump Stickers!, 26%"
i do not know what mario's sticker stage is or why zero kirby is making it, but i believe he must be stopped before it is too late
considering he has already added jump stickers, (known to be some of the worst stickers,) we must act fast.

some of you might not understand the potential damage "mario's sticker stage" could cause. please try to understand.
#1 paper mario sticker star was so bad it ruined paper mario forever, a feat not even super paper mario could accomplish.
#2 fighting with stickers doesn't even make sense. stickers are just something you get from the dentist if you were a good boy. they're not cool or tough
#4 i don't know what the stage part refers to but it reminds me of a stage in a fashion show and people wear weird stuff like a dress made out of cardboard or something.
#4 the mario and luigi games are still cool so why isn't he making a fangame of those

now that you've seen the facts you're ready to sign the petition. the petition is this thread and any post you make in it constitutes a signature.
thanks in advance, i hope to get 20000 signatures by the end of the campaign. good night and god bless.
signing for the sake of america. stickers must be stopped
signing to end sticker mario
Get it by your own hands.

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Barack Obama
My fellow Americans,

As you all know, Paper Mario: Sticker Star was the worst man made disaster ever allowed on American soil. As your former Commander in Chief, I can NOT permit the creation of more stickers to continue, so I must sign this petition.

Barack Obama
Shadow the Hedgehog
Stickers are for babies.
i hate stickers and love america, sign me up

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